January 2001

WRITINGS FROM RAPH [Author: myschyf]

Raph Koster, the venerable sage of all things game design, has been busy on the Star Wars Galaxies forums under his well-hidden pseudonym of Holocron. He has some pretty interesting things to say on subjects ranging from combat, twitch and auto-attack to names, anonymity, and pseudonymity. Elsewhere, Brad McQuaid was last seen cross-posting Raph’s post about why you should pay a monthly fee for online games to every forum he has access to, except ours, of course and we are deeply disappointed. I guess he liked the post. I did too. Mad propz go to Kiler for posting on our boards and therefore drawing my attention to it.


Absor, you may know him better as ‘the guy that replaced Abashi’, today made mention of the fact that the Plane of Mischief is indeed live and available on an EverQuest server near you. Or in his words:

I just wanted to clarify that. Despite all of the confusion about it on our end, this plane is open and available. I\’e2\’80\’99m sorry about the conflicting tales you might have heard from our end.

Again, Mischief Plane is open. But, so far, nobody has been able to outsmart the master of trickery to find the way in.


It would tend make sense that no one was able to outsmart the master of trickery and find their way in. Technically no one really knew the plane was available, which would make it rather hard. No word yet on when the Plane of Tomfoolery might be open. I am sure Absor might overcome all the confusion and possibly let us know though.

DAILY RADAR ATE MY BALLS [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

The following email was forwarded to me by someone who cares deeply:


Nintendo of America Inc. has filed suit against Imagine Media Inc. to stop the distribution and sale of Imagine’s unlicensed strategy guidebook for Pokemon Gold and Silver. The lawsuit concerns an unlicensed guidebook sold by Imagine for $9.99 that infringes Nintendo’s Pok\’c3\’a9mon trademark and copies wholesale from a variety of Nintendo’s own publications. It is not directed at editorial commentary by Imagine and makes no allegations regarding Imagine’s magazines or its websites. Nintendo first attempted to resolve the matter with Imagine informally and only filed the lawsuit after these attempts failed.

Nintendo seeks to provide its customers with the best possible strategy guidebooks, both through the Nintendo Power official strategy guidebooks and through well-respected book publishers such as Prima, Brady, and Empire that sell guidebooks under license from Nintendo. As demonstrated by other lawsuits filed by Nintendo, including a recent lawsuit against another unlicensed Pokemon Gold and Silver strategy guidebook that infringed Nintendo’s rights, Nintendo cannot tolerate such infringement and still protect its customers, its official licensees, and the strong [r]eputation of its brands.

Nintendo values its relationships with other gaming and other news

publications and will continue to provide its normal high level of support, including information, artwork, and screen shots, to such publications for use in keeping gamers informed about Nintendo’s exciting line-up of current and future products.


Nintendo of America
(Italics added)

So basically, Nintendo says “Websites equal good, published walkthrough guides equal bad.” Daily Radar seems to be pushing the case that Big Bad Game Company has shut down Amendment One, and made them stop putting up pictures of pokemon on the internet. When I contacted Daily Radar’s Nintendo editor, I was offered no comment because like, there’s a court case pending and stuff. I was however, reminded of the following paragraph from Daily Radar’s Nintendo Non-Section: “It is entirely possible that Nintendo will file another lawsuit against us if we continue to publish screenshots of Nintendo games in the course of our coverage.”

It is also entirely possible that the Goodyear Blimp will crash down on next week’s Super Bowl game. In spite of the potential for disaster, I throw caution to the wind and post this unofficial Goodyear Blimp Crashing On Super Bowl image:

The President and CEO of Imagine Media did not answer his email today, but I would suspect his reply would be something along the lines of: “Can’t talk. Nintendo Lawsuit. Save Me From Maximillion.”

So there you have it. Another mystery unraveled and another victory for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

EASY COME, EASY GO [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

The following was posted to the FYI section of uo.com:

Due to issues with the veteran rewards system, we have deactivated the system on all shards. At this time, we do not have an updated schedule for when they will be reactivated.

We strongly advise players not to participate in selling, trading, or buying existing rewards until further notice.

We will update you again once we have additional information.

While the reasons could be numerous, the big issue with the rewards system centered around accounts being offered more rewards than they should have been given. The system will be restored at some uncertain future date.


Today we have not one, not two, but three noteworthy items from Glitchless, the game company whose bashing appeal is surpassed only by Red Dragon Software. Up first on the plate is the news that the game that threatens to take Free Cell out of the office forever is back. Yes, my friends Race War Kingdoms is back! “The gods will surely revere the first man or woman to slay the Yoro La HiHi Samurai!” That’s right you heard it here first. Or second if you are in the Dawn Beta Test. Third if you read Stratics, who brings us the next little tidbit.

Glitchless now has T1 lines! Woo woo! Stratics, always first with the copyrighted-don’t-you-dare-copy-this-or-I-will-tell-Mom News, posted this missive from Glitchless:

Race War Kingdoms fans will soon be able to access the game again for some pre-Dawn PVP action since our T lines have been installed. The game has since been enhanced with new features such as multiple kingdom creation, kingdom guards, and player rankings.

Stratics, once again, first with the news and goddammit you better link to us or else we will send big hairy men named Bubba after you, also informs us of a new business owned and operated by Glitchless. Web Browser Games has one other title besides Race War Kingdoms. Mall War Madness. Honest. I can’t make stuff like this up. Really. I’m not that good. Go to the link yourself and see.


I’ll try to enlighten you in the limited time I have right now.

First a scam, by definition, is intentional, and malicious, but I don’t think it can be done naively. If there is no intention to scam, it can’t be a scam. Anyway, I don’t believe so.

My son did not scam anyone, but he and I did make a poor decision in
believing Chris Anderson when he said he could and would program rune
Conquest by the first of January, 2000. My son and I were definitely naive. Anderson, it turns out, has trouble with reality. [T]o this day I don’t think he believes that he did one thing wrong when he stole my websites, and my son’s website, when he put up copyrighted material on Pete’s website, and when he told us what he could do for us.

Chris Anderson, in my opinion, belongs in a padded room where he can no longer injure honest people.

Pete and I have learned from our poor decision regarding Chris
Anderson. We have secured the services of a professional programming team headed up by two employees within one of our partner’s corporations. We will complete Rune Conquest, but I will not take a chance again on quoting any specific date.

We offered everyone who pre-paid for R.C. their money back, FOUR TIMES. We credited back (credit cards) every single person, even the vast majority who did not ask for a refund, except for about 35 individuals who emailed us and emphatically stated they wanted to remain in the “status quo”, this is, NO REFUND, RETAIN THE BONUSES WE GAVE THEM, AND WORK WITH US IN HELPING TO DESIGN R.C.

To date, only those 35 or so have not been refunded, at their insistence.

[E]very other bit of information that my son and I put on our websites
is the truth. Pure Stroke Golf has always been registered properly,
according to the law, as has Red Dragon. My company, Intertel, Inc. did invent the first cordless telephone in 1971, as well as the first touch pad dialer (push button phone pad that works where there is no tone service, just pulse service; in 1971 that made up 81% of the U.S. and virtually 100% of the rest of the world).

Yet I have read Lum’s work wherein you people have given the impression that our websites are full of falsehoods. If you insist upon “informing” the public, and protecting the public, which are good intentions on your part, then at least point the finger at the proper person. Chris Anderson’s ravings at various forums were his own fabrications. Please don’t be foolish enough to believe most of what he says. The man needs help!!!!!

In closing (please excuse my ramblings; Anderson did us all a lot of harm), to answer your other two questions:

1. Pete Jr. was not at fault. He and his buddies have designed a great game. It was my fault, and my ignorance, that led to hiring Chris Anderson. Therefore, no reason to “punish” Pete.

2. No remorse, because once again, he was not at fault. I do regret ever having heard of Chris Anderson. I was new to the internet and to computer games at the time, and “got screwed” due to my lack of knowledge in those areas.

I hope this clears up a few things. Anything you, Scott, and the rest of your group can do to clear up your previous “misinformation” due to Chris Anderson’s ramblings would be appreciated.

And if I can ever help you with golf equipment, I am one of the best custom fitting experts in that industry.

Take care.


“AC TEAM” COMMENTS ON REVERT [Author: Lietgardis]

Late yesterday afternoon, the “Asheron’s Call team” released a statement on the FREE PYREALS FOR EVERYBODY exploit and subsequent two-day revert. It gave everyone something to read during the server downtime, in between posting threats to quit on message boards. This afternoon, they don’t need anything to do because they’re busy playing, words of anger forgotten. You, as a non-player, may yet find something of interest in the apology and FAQ.

Q: Many players already had more pyreals than they knew what to do with. How does this make it worse? Why not just leave the economy flooded?

A: Although a certain class of high-powered players already had vast sums of pyreals before the bug was discovered, this steadily trickles down to everyone else, and the recent flood of pyreals would still have a devastating effect on the economy. We regularly get complaints from players that certain items and services are overpriced. This indicates that money is not meaningless to a large number of players. We believe that a cash economy, even an abundant one, is a key component to a good online role-playing game, and we do not wish to challenge that belief at this moment.

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