September 2001


Well folks, its that time.

Last week Lum had asked us to come up with a new name for the site and register a new domain, in effect, turning what we do now-a-days into a successor site. At first, I thought I would continue to write for and manage this successor site. However, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it this weekend and after careful consideration I am not going to go forward with a new site.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. First and foremost is that I don’t have the time to give it that it deserves and needs. I am doing a lot with LARPing these days and want to devote my gaming energies towards that. I’ve found that I would much rather hang around communities of real people that I can touch and hug and such than communities of virtual people. The LARP I went to this weekend absolutely sucked for me and even so I came to this realization. Partially it sucked because I haven’t given my own involvment the time it deserves. Because I spend too much time on the site.

I want to spend some time on my career. I was recently given a new project at work and it will be a huge boost to my career. It will also be very challenging for me. I want to pursue a business degree. I won’t have time to do that and play online games. An online game sucks up, at the very least, 40 hours a month. More, if you want to stay on the top of the game.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve been gaming online for about 10 years now. I’ve said what I had to say about online gaming and I don’t have all that much more to say right now. I’ve found myself slowly becoming more of an editor for other people’s articles rather than writing my own and that’s not something I enjoy all that much. But I haven’t been inspired in quite some time.

I am also not excited about the genre right now. Online games have become rather stale and boring with most games out there copying the graphical Diku MUD model (ala EQ) rather than doing anything new and interesting. I don’t see this trend reversing itself any time soon. As a matter of fact, as Verant, Microsoft, and EA continue to gobble up the independent development studios out there (Verant, of course, just gobbles up the development teams of failed games), I see this trend continuing in a rather big way. These companies aren’t ones known for taking risks. As we begin to enter a world-wide recession, I feel that neither the large nor the smaller studios will want to take much of a risk. Leaving us without innovative products. I can’t find much excitement in myself for these cookie-cutter type of games. Furthermore, without innovation what is there to talk about? PVP? Cheating? Roleplaying? I’ve said what I had to say about these things. My position is clear.

LtM would have, at the very least, gone through a name/domain change. What will happen now is that on 9/30 we will take down the site. I know some of the other writers and people who work here are talking about creating a new site. They’ll be posting more about that here in the next couple of weeks. There’s an EZ Board around here somewhere that we used to use while we were looking for hosting. I’ll try to dig the URL for that up so that you folks have a way to stay in contact with each other.

We will take the money left over in the donation account and, after
paying for our surplus bandwidth usage for September, donate the rest to the victims of Tuesday’s attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. I had initially thought to give it to the United Way fund for the victims. However the United Way used to use about 80% of donations for ‘administrative costs.’ So before donating it there, I’d like to make sure most of it is actually going to the victims. The Red Cross has received over 5 million in the last week alone so I’d kind of like to funnel the money elsewhere, however I will funnel it to the Red Cross if a better option does not present itself.

Its been an honor and a pleasure to work with the individual writers and readers of this site. Thank you for your support over the last couple of years.

Its very sad to have to post this. However the time has come for me
to close this chapter of my life and move on.

Thanks for everything



Got to hand it to the surviving WW2O fans: they continue to amuse us with new and creative ways to exercise their frustration. The latest:

World War Two Online haikus

A couple of my favourites:

You have NO idea

How much tweaking I have done

Just to get screwed here


now now monty u ass
thats no haiku u fairy

stfu n00b


#*%&%^! no internet

since ten days what the @%&%*@! is

my free time wasted?


They’re offensive! They’re badly written! They have the wrong number of syllables! But the game’s broken, so that kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Everyone knows haikus are too easy anyway. That’s why I’m doing my thumbnail review of v1.25, as a cinquain:

New patch

For the leaking

Riverine patrol boat

Helps it sink a little farther


TAKE A MINUTE [Author: Tick]

In rememberance of the tragic terrorist events which have occurred in the United States in the past few days, the major gaming networks including the Casters Realm Network, RPG Lore, Stratics, Lum the Mad, PlanetEverquest, EQVault and more, in conjunction with Sony Online, will be holding a moment of silence at 6 PM Pacific Time.

Let us all take one minute of our lives in game to remember the lives
that have been lost, and all of those which have been changed forever. Once again, the moment of silence will occur at 6 PM Pacific Time on Friday, September 14 2001.


But we’ll do what we can. After receiving the email from SOE looking for help finding someone, it occured to me that this might be a wider spread need. Accordingly, this article has a discussion thread attached to it solely for the purpose of attempting to contact people that are missing due to the recent events.

Please do not post anything here other than who you are looking for and how to get in touch. It’s not a discussion thread, it’s a public service to provide one succinct list of those seeking contact.

Other lists

NEED A HAND HERE [Author: Tick]

Just received this. We think it should be here, so here it is.

Sony Online Entertainment needs your help in locating Gregory Trost. Gregory is a nephew of an SOE employee and his last known location was the 86th floor of Tower Two in the World Trade Center. With the tragic events that took place on September 11, the Trost family is anxious for any information regarding Gregory. If you have any information on Gregory\’e2\’80\’99s whereabouts, please contact Sony Online Entertainment at this special address

A photo of Gregory can be found here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gregory’s family and all the families that have been touched by these horrific events.

No comment thread; if you can help- help.


Dear Majestic Player,

EA has temporarily suspended service on Majestic. Given the recent national tragedy, we feel that some of the fictional elements in the game may not be appropriate at this time. We will contact you again concerning resumption of the game.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


The Majestic Team


In a move previously taken only by such industry leading developers like Glitchless and Pure Stroke Golf USA, Artifact Entertainment has CLOSED ITS HORIZONS FORUM and has initiated a total and complete information black-out until the beta test begins.

Which in my opinion, pretty much confirms that Horizons itself is either a complete hoax, or is just a ruse in order to draw attention to a struggling company without anything really going on. I’d ask someone at Artifact Entertainment for comment, but frankly, I’m not really interested in hearing comments from a company who feels that our comments are worthless and without merit.

You can read what they already said on their website.


Today a friend of mine went to the grocery store and was spit on, called names, and told to go back where she came from. My friend is an American of Anglo-Saxon descent. She is also a Buddhist Nun.

She wears her robes when she isn’t at work. When she is at work, she is an information systems security expert. On September 11th she spent 15+ hours locked into a secure facility helping to guard this nation.

One of my colleagues is of Syrian descent. He is also an American. He cried as much as any of us as we the news came into our office on Tuesday. As his wife was leaving the dentist yesterday she was spit on and called names. These people want nothing more than to live here, become American citizens and contribute to the welfare and livlihood of this nation.

This isn’t a time to sow random hate. There’s been enough of that. That is what got us to this point in the first place. This nation is made up of people of all races, with descendants from every single country in the world. As you go about your daily business, as you go about posting, please remember that people of middle-eastern descent might have caused the heinous tragedy, but that doesn’t mean that all people of middle-eastern descent are responsible. Be kind. I think we can all do with some kindness right now. Our government will take care of the responsible parties. We don’t have to be mean to innocent people on our streets.

SHOCK AND HOPE [Author: Tick]

I’m going to talk about love.

The kind of love that lets a man put his two-month-old child into someone else’s arms so he can try to help make sure that the doomed aircraft he is riding on is not used as a flying bomb.

The kind of love that makes a firefighter run into a teetering skyscraper in the hope that he can rescue the people trapped inside, only to have that building collapse on him and more than a hundred of his brother firefighters.

The kind of love that allows another firefighter to shrug off his injuries, saying, “Whadya expect? I’m a New Yorker!” and then burst into tears, thinking of his fallen buddy, who has ten children.

The kind of love that creates a convoy of physicians and nurses heading for New York City, riding in Ambulances and their own vehicles, not knowing how much help they can be, but just wanting to help.

The kind of love that causes people the country over to stop and give blood, because that’s the only way they can help.

The kind of love that permits a community like ours to put aside everything to come together and stand against those who would harm our own.

This country, and the free world beside us, stands shocked and dismayed. We are angry, and justifiably so. We have been attacked by people with no desire but to make us afraid, to make us hurt, perhaps even to make us hate the way they do. Maybe they do this because they know no other way; I personally do not care for thier motives. I know that whatever thier ultimate goals, they have failed already. They attempted to sow fear, and instead reaped heroism.

We are dealing with people who will die in order to kill, so great is their hate. But they are dealing with a people who will give their lives to save the lives of people they don’t even know, so great is our love.

In the end, how can they possibly stand against that?


On the UO Update Center there is a notice that all houses in UO are being auto-refreshed in the wake of the tragedy as many people are unable to log in and get to that right now. Here’s the full text of the announcement:

We understand that many travel and communication avenues, businesses, financial institutions, etc. have been hampered or closed due to yesterday’s events, which has no doubt caused many players difficulties in accessing their UO accounts. We are also aware that yesterday was a day for helping others and a day of concern for family and friends. Due to the seriousness of this occasion, we will be refreshing all houses automatically this afternoon in order to help players who may have been unable to access their accounts.

Thanks OSI.