January 2002

From the recently closed

From the recently closed Toontown’s FAQ:

My friend taught me a new obscenity. I used it for my toon’s name and your filter let it through! Now my toon is wandering around where everyone can see his vulgar name. Ha ha! I dont really have a question.

One of the real pleasures of creating an online game is having to divert effort away from developing new games, gags, and activities, enhancing the graphics and fixing problems so parents can play with their kids because someone came up with a new way to spell part of the human anatomy.

Apropro of nothing, a quote:[About

Apropro of nothing, a quote:

[About net message boards,] the rule of the game is that it’s okay to say anything you want, about anybody, no matter how offensive or incorrect…but to defend yourself (or someone else), to take the person to task for it, THAT’S somehow wrong, it means you can’t stand the heat, or you’re infringing their right to speak, or being rude, or somesuch.

It’s carte blanche for the assholes and the nutcases and the rude folk to say any damned thing they want, no matter how untrue, hurtful, or libelous. And most astonishing of all is that people buy INTO this bullshit.

The ones who badrap everybody the most, who feel that they have the right to do whatever they want to other people, are always the ones who go most bugfuck when somebody goes after THEM in return. THAT they don’t like, THAT is unfair.

It’s the logic of the guy who pees in the pool ’cause he thinks its fun.

I say fuck ’em.

— J. Michael Stracynski
Creator, Babylon 5

That being said, I wasn’t terribly fond of “Legend of the Rangers”. The whole weapons targeting “virtua fighter” thing was… bad. Really bad. Really “who would ever create a military control system that involved KICKBOXING” bad. Most of the human cast was generic Californica. (The aliens were great though – the Minbari first officer reminded me strongly of a self-aware Lennier, and Turk the Drazi’s first and pretty much only speaking line had me laughing for about fifteen minutes.) And the alien enemy was far, far too Deus Ex Machina. It was just a bad episode.

Sci fi on television in general has been pretty weak. Let us not speak of Voyager again, for example. Enterprise is good, but only as the sci-fi version of pulp fiction – it’s really good pulp, but it’s pulp.

JMS can do MUCH better. Hopefully, if he gets the series, he will. And to be honest, the first season of Babylon 5 was pretty horrid as well.

Penny Arcade deconstructs Final Fantasy X

I spent much of Sunday leveling up near a save point, and though I told myself that it was in preparation to complete the game, I knew deep down this wasn’t so. And I can give or take the AP, which is Japanese for XP. I did it because nothing else matters to me anymore aside from the victory theme that accompanies each successful battle. Some weird-ass vegetable guys will get in my grill, and I will summon an agonized being that ravages them with the knowledge that he exists suspended in torment. That’s an attack for Chrissake, you can choose it from a menu. This is assuming that they don’t piss him off enough to see his Overdrive attack, which deals (on average) around fifty-thousand more hit points than the vegetable man’s entire civilization. I destroy him and his kind, partly because they started it but mostly to hear the pretty music. They might learn to stay away, if any of them ever survived the desolation, the blowing up or the catching on fire.

He’s right, of course. Once you get this guy:

…the game’s over. You just hit the Summon button until you get the powerup and win the game! My only disappointment was that Anima couldn’t actually play blitzball.

And in case you were wondering, FFX does firmly follow the holy Squaresoft rule: if your enemy’s special attack is actually visible from orbit, it’s probably going to hurt a lot.

Someone’s already in line for Star Wars Episode 2

Adding that Guth and Tweiten won’t be allowed to use Cinerama’s restroom, Callaghan said, “We don’t encourage anyone to spend five months outside a movie theater.”

It’s apparently not a joke. The two plan to live off club dues and watch movies while talking to/frightening other theatre patrons.

My guess? Other homeless people get in on the act. “Yeah, I’m waitin’ for Rush Hour 3, man.”

Yay, another year on. I still can’t get used to the whole 200x thing. It’s a minor thing, but it bothers me. Then again I still think it’s 1985. A year ago I was idly wondering when I was going to be hit with the next wave of dot-com layoffs, while trying to keep a too-popular-for-its-own-good website running. What a difference a year makes! Next year at this rate I’ll probably be a mercenary in Sri Lanka or something.

I I i I I Eye I. Weblogs are such egodriven things. Then again if I wrote about you it would just be weird.

Today’s cool thing: iM Tuner. It’s one of those programs you don’t really need, but is constructed just well enough to encourage you not to bother with the alternatives (in this case, Windows Media Player and Winamp for streaming audio stations), and, blessedly, is adware-free. It found a permanent home on my email workstation (yes, we’re just that ate up enough). Right now we’re listening to a round-robin of Celtic folk stations. Kill your television!