True Transcripts From My Second Life Visit

Me: “So, part of this tour is for you to prove to me that Second Life isn’t completely a rancid pit of cyber.”
Her: “It is so totally a rancid pit of cyber.”
Me: “But there’s golf here. Thus it’s not totally a rancid pit of cyber.”
Her: “OK. It’s MOSTLY a rancid pit of cyber.”
(Right about now a half naked prostitute wanders by)
Her: “See?”

Her: “You’re wearing a pyramid on your head.
Him: “It’s a character from Silent Hill.”
Her: “No, it’s a pyramid that you have on your head.”
Me: “I’m pretty sure your sword is from Final Fantasy 7. I’m an expert in oversized Squaresoft weaponry.”
Him: “No, it’s from Silent Hill.”
Different Him: “It’s a tetrahedron, not a pyramid.”
Me: “I’d trust him. It sounds like he knows his polygons.”

Me: “Why do you have a problem with my wearing a box on my head?”


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