September 2006

Update: There Is A Cat In My Office

With Elrond still missing and presumed slaughtering small birds somewhere in the Austin wilds, here’s Ellie.

We went to the animal shelter with every intention of getting a small kitten that we could mould to our iron will acclimate to living with us comfortably. As you can see what we ended up with was neither a kitten (she was picked up as a stray, so the shelter estimated she was about 7), nor particularly small (like me, Ellie could stand to lose a good third of, well, her).

Ellie had been in the shelter since June and probably knew that it was pretty important to her future to play nice, so she crawled up in our laps and stayed there. As you might be able to tell from the photo, she has decided our house will suit her, and has deigned to allow us to feed and house her. In other words, she’s a cat.

Moments of Surrealism: AGC

Breathless reporter with microphone: “We’re with Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios, makers of City of Heroes. Jack, what are you doing right now?”
Jack Emmert. feet up on the desk: “I’m reading the paper online.”
Reporter: “Really!”


“So, these guys are offering software that will automatically nerf players of classes that are the most popular.”
“That sounds like all kinds of fun.”
“Yeah. Their slogan is ‘No More Nerfs'”.
“Is their spokesperson Bizarro Superman?”


How NCsoft recruits programmers:

Update: There No Longer Is A Cat Under My Bed

Today our new cat decided to make a mad dash for freedom while a door was opened, and immediately disappeared for parts unknown. I suspect that, being an older cat, he was dead set to return to wherever he considered home. Although he has a microchip, I doubt we’ll see him again.

Further updates as they happen. Or not.

This Is My Rant. There Are Many Rants Like It. This One Is Mine.

A dirty little secret I have is that I am a really poor public speaker. It’s hard sometimes for me to justify free tickets to trade shows when my speaking style usually consists of muttering softly at a table. I’m trying to get better, but one benefit (for you anyway) is that I actually script out pretty closely what I’m going to say to keep myself on topic.

So, then, this is the talk (with a few improvisations) I gave this afternoon. I’m told it was somewhat popular.

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I’ll be at AGC Wednesday through Friday. Kind of don’t have an excuse, since I live here now and all.

Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be ranting alongside such luminaries as Lorin Jameson formerly of Kesmai, Jessica Mulligan, John Song also of NC, and Rich Vogel of Bioware. Mark Jacobs was also scheduled to attend but I understand he won’t be able to make it. Pity, I had the “now *I* am the master” Darth Vader jokes all ready to deploy.

I’ll have my laptop with me so expect some liveblogging because that’s what all the cool kids do. I’ll post my remarks shortly after I destroy my career delivering them!

Update: There Is A Cat Under My Bed

Specifically: this one.

His name is Elrond. The pic is from the humane society where we found him. (Update: the old link’s expired since, you know, we have the cat now. I had posted it to prove that it wasn’t me who named the cat Elrond. I am considering changing his name to L. Ron.) It was either him or a rambunctious kitten, and frankly our house isn’t ready for that much cuteness (nor is our upholstery)

More on this story as it develops. Or not.

(Oh, and we also have a house now. But clearly, the cat is more important.)

Blog Tweakery

As you can no doubt see unless you read this from Bloglines or something, the blog looks different now. I still need to edit some things but at least this theme doesn’t make me want to stab out my eyes when I see it. Let me know via loud screaming noises if something broke.

Also, I am actually color-blind, so let me know if the colors make you want to stab YOUR eyes out.