January 2007

Nope, Can’t Have Nice Things

Apparently the comment preview thingamabob was freezing the page for some folks so it’s toast.

Edit: hmm… actually with some IE7 testing, it seems the problem is that IE7 doesn’t like gzip-compressed pages. Or at least the way WordPress sends them. Disabling that fixed it. Let me know if it continues. Although I’m aware performance is blazingly slow at the moment.

Prediction: 97% Of The Sixes Will Be Played By Males

Damion has a link to the apparently announced Battlestar Galactica Online – one of the few product announcements I can handily pass off to a previous blog entry!

“Dude, this game sucked since the New Caprica expansion. The devs have clearly never flown Raptors.”

On the other hand, this will be the first MMO that has in-game support for polyamory. Well, not counting Second Life. I don’t *know* that there’s polyamory in SL, but I’ll hazard a random affirmative guess.

Bad Craziness Incoming

Upgrading blog software today, so hang tight in case of weirdness.

(And yes, the first thing I’m doing is downloading a full data backup…)

Edit: All done. New features: archive list added back to sidebar (not really new, just forgot to earlier), gratuitous links to social bookmark sites added to posts, oh, and some of you wanted a comments preview button for some reason.

Two Thousand Seven

Some predictions (note that I’m forbidden to indulge in insider trading by the SEC, so nothing NC-specific with one exception):

  • World of Warcraft will continue to be an unholy juggernaut of a cultural phenomenon. Burning Crusade will launch, people will burn through it in a couple of months and crusade for more content patches, which Blizzard will dribble out in a fashion quick for the rest of the industry, and not nearly fast enough for the players. At some point, they will announce breaking the 8 million user mark world wide, but won’t talk about their NA/Europe numbers. (Traditionally expansion packs help with retaining current customers but do little to attract new blood.)
  • Vanguard will attract the most dramatic forum drama for 2007 as the launch community turns out to be entirely different from the beta community, and the two sides implode into violent hellfire.
  • Second Life’s torrid affair with the media will end. As they attract more users they’ll run into scaling issues (this is a safe prediction because it’s happening already) and will adapt or die.
  • Raph Koster’s Areae will go public with what they’re doing. I haven’t the foggiest over what it actually is; based on their employment ads it’s something very web-centric and based on Raph’s oft-stated beliefs it’s something very virtual worldy. It will attract violently passionate fans immediately despite not having anything even vaguely playable on the horizon.
  • Bioware Austin will finally reveal what they’ve been working on, and everyone will go “oh, is THAT what you wouldn’t tell us?” (Note: I don’t actually know, I just know it’ll have to be anticlimactic)
  • Warhammer Online will ship near the end of 2007 and the geek forum wars between “Dude, this game totally ripped off World of Warcraft” and “Dude, World of Warcraft totally ripped off Warhammer” will begin in all-too-earnest. Sanya Weathers will roll her eyes a lot (which is a neat trick when you do it online).
  • The media will fall on an RMT story (either involving defrauding a lot of kids or some organized crime involvement — or both) and an American politician will get involved, to appear relevant and net-wise.
  • Very, very few gamers upgrade to Windows Vista.
  • Assuming all goes well, I’ll actually be able to go public a bit with what I’ve been working on. Some of you will like it. Some won’t.