June 2007

Interview with Affinity Media VP

According to him, although staying in the Korean player to player auction game, the former owners of IGE really are out of the RMT business:

Oh, just everyone has been so interested in the IGE thing, because IGE is a controversial business. Very controversial, and we’d always kept this incredible differences between the businesses.

If you go to any of our sites, you’ll never see a gold-selling ad. The guys who founded our business, guys like Jeff Moyer and Bill Diaz, they’ve got absolutely nothing to do with that other side of the business.

So for us, it was a positive, in that we thought, for the people who cared, that’s no longer an issue. Since it’s a private company, a private transaction, we’re not releasing actual news on terms. But we’re no longer in that business.

Eve Appoints Special Prosecutor; Moveon.org Preparing FRAPS Movie In Response

After coming out swinging against the Goonswarm corruption allegations last week, Eve brings out the good cop; in an interview with the New York Times, CCP’s CEO announces that they are setting up a player-run oversight committee.

The company will then fly those players to Iceland regularly so they can audit CCP’s operations and report back to their player-constituents. And taking cues from transitions to democracy in the developing world, CCP says it will call in election monitors from universities in Europe and the United States.

“Perception is reality, and if a substantial part of our community feels like we are biased, whether it is true or not, it is true to them,” Hilmar Petursson, CCP’s chief executive, said in a telephone interview. “Eve Online is not a computer game. It is an emerging nation, and we have to address it like a nation being accused of corruption.

“A government can’t just keep saying, ‘We are not corrupt.’ No one will believe them. Instead you have to create transparency and robust institutions and oversight in order to maintain the confidence of the population.”

Election… monitors? I mean, I know the wonks at Terra Nova have their bags packed ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice, but this is getting too surreal, even for Eve.

The response of Goonswarm partisans:

…It will be hilarious when the oversight committee turns out to be five BoB/minions and four random Empire players that have never gone below 0.5 sec.

Yep, can’t win. Just like politics in the real world.

We Fear Change

You know, when exporting your blog merrily to an 18MB xml file, WordPress should warn you that you can only re-upload a maximum of 7MB. Just sayin’.

Anyway, upgrading to the latest version and starting fresh (well, as fresh as can be with 18MB of logorrheaic diary entries) to try to address some of the Dreamhost slowness which I am starting to suspect is, um, er, my fault.

Blogroll got lost in the move… eh, I needed to redo it anyway. Cute category icon hack needs to be redone or something. Everything else should have survived somewhat intact. Oh, and you frequent commenters may note a secret toy surprise.