October 2007

RMT Cyberwar

As always, Korea is somewhere off in the future, being all Blade Runnery.

Despite the barrage of inquiries, the troubled sites are keeping mum until then. Only Item Ria, which experienced connection problems, posted a notice on its site explaining the reason behind the shut-down. “We were under pressure from hackers, and a temporary shut-down for maintenance was necessary to scale up our security,” it said.

An Internet security expert said they got an inquiry demanding to know why so many Chinese users are logging on to the trading sites. He suspects it is highly likely that hackers have broken into the sites. Whereas in the past hackers simply took money from Internet users by tracing down their IDs and passwords, now they reached the point of threatening the sites themselves.

Three Unconnected Notes On The Situation

Guess SOE isn’t publishing Gods and Heroes after all.

EA Mythic tells Warhammer Online beta players “shoo“. Mark Jacobs explains that it’s not a big deal, using lots of words. Scott notes that the letter doesn’t begin with ‘Folks’, thinks the EABorg implants finally kicked in. ‘THEY’RE IN THE GAME’.

World of Warcraft 2.3 apparently is the “please dear god don’t you even think of cancelling before the expansion” patch.

Bragg v. Linden Settled

The lawsuit brought against Linden Lab was settled out of court yesterday. Apparently, Bragg was given his SL account back as the result of a “misunderstanding”, SL’s TOS was changed, and no doubt money changed hands from one party to another.

If it had gone to trial, it would have resulted in some of the (if not *the*) first court rulings regarding the legal rights of virtual property holders. Such a ruling could have been a landmark in what can and cannot be expected from MMO/VW companies and their clients – or it could have choked the industry in lethal tangles of governmental regulation. Needless to say, not wanting to submit their business model to the vagaries of whether or not a random judge understood virtual worlds no doubt weighed heavily in Linden’s decision to settle.

Commentary from people who know more or less about this stuff than I:

  • Virtually Blind doesn’t have much to say now, but I’d expect more later
  • Prokofy Neva has angry (and atypically terse and focused) commentary
  • Virtual Worlds News with analysis of the TOS changes prompted by the suit/eventual settlement

This Just In: Lyndon LaRouche Still Loves You

As seen by a LaRouche stalker blog commenter, the LaRouche Youth are enjoying their moment of cathode-ray sun.

The reactions to the evidently competent, recently published LPAC exclusive “Halo 3: The ‘Third Wave’ of Destroying the U.S.”, as received by its authors in the form of “Letters to the Editor” by swarms of agitated Internet-addicts, reinforce the simple points outlined, but not understood by its relevant audience, due to certain, cumulative effects of turning over the sovereign function of creativity to a Tweener-oriented culture of “groupthink”, as typified by Ayn Rand’s Wikipedia.org.

The sacrificing of one’s will to a higher commitment toward the Common Good would be appreciated by future generations. But to sacrifice one’s will to the third-wave of the counter-culture fostered by DARPA, Microsoft, BAE Systems, and the new religious revival known as the Fools of Silicon Valley, is to submit to America’s long-standing enemy—the British Empire!

Sadly, despite the title,  nowhere does the screed mention either Halo 3 or Abu Ghraib, but instead reads like a randomly edited Prokofy Neva rant on Wikipedia. The Queen was reportedly not amused.