June 2009

…Or IS He?

The Grouchy Gamer disbelieves that Brad McQuaid really came out of his burrow to predict four more years of WoW.

Here’s what Darren and most of you probably didn’t know. bradmcquaid.com’s domain registration expired in February. What you also don’t know is that on a flyer, I took a shot at picking it up when it expired. I didn’t get it. It was scooped up by;

(Official Domain Registration Information follows;)

Keith Sharward

Considering that his first post was “you really should try Vanguard“, I think if it is a spoof, it’s a very subtle one.

(Edit: McQuaid comments on his blog. It’s almost like he’s reading this stuff or something!)

Customer Service Is Hard

SWG’s new community manager takes a different tack from what we’ve seen previously – managing threads by BEATING THEM INTO SUBMISSION! YAAR! CHOKE HOLD! NO TAP OUT! YAAAARGH!

No, really. Apparently one of his first acts was in making a Friday grab bag-style feature not about SWG, but about its associated collectible card game. The community was unhappy. But then, they were pacified with clear, calm, mature responses!

I feel shafted by many in this community. I am doing my job and I get all this flack about it?

troll my forums again and we’ll have an issue.

Opinion on the post is one thing but comments towards me, on something I had to do on my 3rd day on the job, is another.

I am offended too. That people will take all this time to do nothing but post all this negative text on my first FF. Give me a break. I have been here just over a week and not given a chance to do anything what so ever to make things better but keep spending my time replying to posts that I am sure were made for the previous TCG sets.

Please don’t see if I am all talk.

ahhhh.. you hurt me… I am…… I….. I am crying.. what ever. IT IS LOOT CARDS. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for in GAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME and that brings in new PLAYERSSSSSSSSSSS. and new players mean more members for guildddddddddddddddddssssssssssssss.. and I am am tired of reading all this about TCG and getting nothing done for events I wanted to do let alone badge ideas. Now I just want to make a badge with a crying smiley on it and blast it out on here.

I get it. You don’t like it. Attacking me got you on a list you would rather not be on with me. May as well go talk to yourself now.

to make it faster I right click and open quote on each post I want to reply on. I want to make sure I give that personal touch. It floods the thread too just like the trolls have done for too long. lol

Now I just want to dust off the ban button.. put away my project lists for FF’s events, badges, and other things I wanted to do and had in works ALREADY and just slam away at this thread until people get it that I am not any of the other CRM’s that were here before. That I love to have fun but once you get me POd it’s game on.

hmmm. Well.. is it? or is it not? If I am smiling while I type am I angry? LOLOLOL This is fun for me. Just a waste of time for you all that want something done for SWG

And that’s just his first week. Tune in next week when someone posts about gungans!

Oh, COME ON, People

Porn star paid $500,000 to have an RMT site’s logo and URL engraved on her assets.

I mean… really. Come on. I know it’s Monday, but… really. I see terabytes of “pics or it didn’t happen” in our future. And it’s an ugly, cold future.

But as always when gold farming is involved, THERE ARE SHENANIGANS.

I have done the unthinkable and actually researched this mindblowingly retarded press release, and apparently “Anna Morgan” hasn’t appeared in any films, pornographic or otherwise. The IAFD, the porn version of the IMDB, returns no hits. Googling “Anna Morgan porn” returns… pages of entries about this press release.

I really hate to point out the stupidly obvious here, but if I was going to spend $500,000 on body modification advertising, I would spend it on a nubile starlet who had actually, you know, some notoriety. Heck, I’m pretty sure Paris Hilton would be down.

But really, if you want to know what’s going on… go to the source.


So, to recap:

  • The porn industry is probably not branching out into WoW gold sales
  • One RMT web site has discovered a new way to gain tons of publicity through exploiting both the credulity of the media and, most likely, his girlfriend.
  • The Easter Bunny doesn’t exist, either.

Germany To Ban Violent Games, Paintball, Laser Tag, Gladiator Movies

Well, they’ve backed down from paintball and laser tag, but Germany seems set to demand a halt on the sales and production of “Killerspielen” – violent video games – in the wake of a recent high school massacre. No English-language stories on this yet, but Der Spiegel, a German tabloid, has this (apologies for the mangling of my bad high school German and worse Google translation):

The interior ministers of 16 federal states, at a conference on Friday in Bremerhaven, took a far-reaching decision against so-called “killer games”, with the department heads requesting "an explicit production and sales ban as soon as possible."

Under consideration for prohibition by the interior ministries are games in which realistic killing is an integral part of the plot – or even "other cruel acts of violence against human or human-like beings."

"Playing ‘killer games’ reduces one’s inhibitions to violence," said Lower Saxony Interior Minister Uwe Schünemann in an online message. "Repeatedly, people who have committed these sorts of crimes have played such games." The CDU politician called on the Bundestag to put forward a ban on the production and dissemination on these games as soon as possible.

If I read this correctly, to cast into US political terms, this is essentially a group of state agencies demanding that Congress take action. The CDU is the chief right-wing conservative party in Germany, but it’s unclear from the story if this initiative has multi-party support.

Germany had, until now anyway, a thriving video game production industry, including leading FPS developer Crytek.

Game Politics has more (well, a bit more).

New Comment System, Everybody Panic

As the title noted, I’m trying out a new embedded comment system. Your feedback IS important to us, and will be answered in the order received! *beep*

As part of this, it has to import all the comments you people have left since the beginning of time. It will take a while so if your comments are missing, be sure and proclaim it’s because I hate you.

Edit: …..aaaaand it’s gone. Too many issues. We fear change.

Edit2: Since I switched comment engines in mid post, comments using the old and now current system appear before the aborted new and now deprecated system. LOOK JUST ACCEPT IT jesus I dread making a game that I have to ask for money from you people for.

Annyong HaseyWAAAUGH

Paul Barnett meets Korea, uses sweeping arm gestures.


Note to Paul: “War is everywhere! AND SOON IT WILL BE IN KOREA!” may not be the best tag line this month. (Edit: Which is probably a good thing, then, that this was shot in January.)