The Internet Is, Actually, For Porn (And Drugs, And Ponzi Schemes)

Well, my blog certainly is running slowly this morning! Hm, let’s log into the shell and see what’s up.


Note for those who don’t speak Unix: those numbers are load averages. And should be less than 1.

Hmm. Why is the server so overloaded? Maybe my email holds a clue.

Yes, I think we’ve got the answer. Will the last actual human reading this blog please turn out the lights. Thank you.

See, when I fixed it so you folks on IE7 could see the comments easily? Guess who else it fixed things for.

I did some behind the scenes trickery to try to fix. That’s why some of you got 404’s just now when trying to leave comments. Initial results aren’t good, so you may see those irritating “type this number to continue” things pop up, assuming they haven’t already been hax0red by the spambot makers.
Oh, and I hate people.