Well, This Isn't Confusing At All

Let’s see, you have which used to be some ranty blog or another, and is NOT, which features a blonde woman reading a newspaper and a link to stories about the female libido, and MOST DEFINITELY not which is another site entirely, and it points to, which is not, or even, which has a picture of a baby. Mind you it’s quite a nice baby, but has nothing to do with this site., that is. points to a domain collector and is, as mentioned, another site entirely.

And now, thanks to Massively, I see there’s a new site at Which seems to be quite a nice blog and is actually sort of relevantly about MMOs, but come on, people. Right now I seem to own 2% of the web domains relating to my own jolly pirate nickname, and it’s dwindling.

It’s a good thing no one uses URLs any more and just stabs random words into Google. This last week people found my blog via the following search phrases:

toys of killers
whores of warcraft
my life console
whores of warcraft miarose
rape games
jonathan yantis
i see what you did there

In related news, the Internet is now closed. Please go find some air or sun or something. I plan on playing Diablo 2 all weekend, myself. Let’s see if I can get up to 20 summoned skeletons!