• Trevel

    Kinda ties into the subject of your previous post, doesn’t it?

  • Josh Drescher


    Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it’s clearly time for us to admit that the “video game” experiment has failed and just go back to pinball and Quaaludes.

  • dartwick

    Im a little afraid it will be a giant success and lead to a deluge even more inane MMOs.

  • Toastrider


  • hurtin1

    @Post Title: That’s the biggest lie I’ve heard in months.

  • Ajeba

    I can’t wait till someone used in-game Family Guy Online MMO game mechanics to make a precasting sex video. Between Brian and Lois.

  • Jenks

    I’m going to play a monk.  Roadhouse.

  • Any MMORPG that absorbs a significant portion of the Fox Network watchers away from the other MMORPGs is good in my book.

    • Whatev

       No, it won’t work that way because the people who are idiots in other MMORPGs and the people who watch Fox News are not the same group.  They may be RELATIVES, but they are not the same.

  • Captain Catchphrase

    Holy crap, Lois.

  • Delmania

    You know, if the goal of games like DNF and FGO are to appeal to a low standard, why not just throw Harvester in a n online emulator andf be done with it?

  • Xaldin

    I can’t really think of what the ‘game’ portion of it might be.

  • Sinij

    I made the same mistake of being afraid that Sims Online would be smashing success and swallow gaming into big black hole of suck. Its spectacular failure restored some of my faith in /gaming/ humanity, and only now “social games” and “micro transactions” start to undermine it again. 

    This is fundamentally bad idea, regardless how you implement it, its a flop from the beginning.

  • tethyss

    What the deuce?

  • Zhakrin

    I think that Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has the right idea of where its going.


  • jccalhoun

    It will probably just consist of material stolen from Simpsons games…

  • Mark

    It will probably just be a collection of mini-games. 

  • Hatch

    I demand a level where you play a half drugged asian girl trying to escape from Quagmires trunk.