Blizzard Announces RealID 2.0: What We Should Have Done The First Time

Welcome to BattleTags, otherwise known as “how every other unified IM service works”.

A BattleTag is a unified, player-chosen nickname that will identify you across all of – in Blizzard Entertainment games, on our websites, and in our community forums. Similar to Real ID, BattleTags will give players on a new way to find and chat with friends they’ve met in-game, form friendships, form groups, and stay connected across multiple Blizzard Entertainment games.

  • I’m guess people should behave themselves?

  • Ashendarei

    It’s about time 😀 

  • Rodalpho

    Good to see that they’re no longer bizarrely trying to compete with facebook and instead choosing to concentrate on gaming.

  • Yay!  About time indeed.

    And this may even matter some time in 2012 when they actually have 3 games on and so might have a bit more cross-over between player bases.  I don’t get the sense that there is a lot of overlap between WoW and SC2.

  • I see Starcraft 2 friends pop up fairly regularly in WoW.

  • Sinij

    Every time I see old WoW Real ID friends (and I was _really_ selective who I added) pop I regret ever adding them. Someone I was close friends to in WoW is not necessary someone I want to talk to in SC2 or every other game from now on.  I don’t think I am in majority on this one.

  • Kirika

    How is this news? The BattleTag thing sounds like it works the exact same way as Starcraft II character names (with the exception that it’s for your “entire” account)

    @Sinij: That’s exactly the point of RealID friends. If you just want to talk to them in WoW, add them as WoW friends…