• Owen Jacobson

    What does this have to do with Shadowbane?

  • Thomas Valley

    Now if someone would just bring back Asheron’s Call 1 back.  Not the one that’s still out there (really?  yes), but the codebase where it started, warts and all.  You know, where you had to discover spells and money weighed a lot.

    • JuJutsu

      Even if they did, it wouldn’t be enough to pull me back. I’ve gone back several times for both AC and EQ and there’s nothing to really hold my interest. The nostalgia has worn off. I don’t have to spend money but I still have to spend time and there are just too many other games where I’d rather spend the time.

      • Joe

        Consider giving AC a try again after the February patch.  They’re adding a ton of new skills that integrate nicely with the old ones (Dirty Fighting, Sneak Attack, Dual Wield, and Finesse Weaponry, to go along with recent additions of 2-handed Combat and Void Magic), and revamping every quest and quest weapon in the game to be worthwhile — so you can level up 100% via questing if you so choose!  Along with the more modern quest system (contracts) that they’ve added, the game is going in a really great direction.

    • Joe

      The current version of Asheron’s Call is the single best MMO on the market for many types of players (especially those oriented toward open-world PvP, twitch combat, and for zelda-y dungeon-crawl lovers it’s up there with DDO), so I’m not sure why you’re hating on it.  All of those classic quests that never gave any rewards of use are actually a serious part of the game now!  You can level up totally via questing, and at the high levels you can level totally via PvP!  Hell, you can play as Olthoi now and rampage across the PK world! It’s pretty great.

  • However you will not be able to kill Fippy Darkpaw on the Fippy Darkpaw time locked progression server unless you opt for a Gold subscription.  Nostalgia and free to play do not mix.

    And I suspect the mere thought of having to integrate the Station Cash store with the Mac code base was enough to get SOE to abandon Al’Kabor, the server lost in time.

  • Rodalpho

    Holy shit dude, they’re up to SEVENTEEN expansions? Astonishing.

  • Seventeen expansions… wonder what WoW will look like on expansion #17, coming soon in 2040!

  • Moxcamel

    The EQMac server people seem to be taking it well.  For, you know, small definitions of “well.”

  • Moxcamel

    (not that I blame them, I hasten to add)

  • VPellen

    “EverQuest® is the massively multiplayer online game that started it all!”




    • Scooby

      Yeah. Also not so much with the “unprecedented 13th year”. Especially since UO is in it’s 15th.

  • Vexis58

    Wait, wasn’t EQ1 already free? I played it once years ago and didn’t think it was that great. Or do you mean “going free to play” as in “they’re going to be adding microtransactions”?

    • Gridley17

      You’re probably thinking Everquest 2, which has been f2p for a while now (several-ish years?)

      Everquest 1 has been and remained pay to play all along as far as I remember.

  • Guest

    Free to sample, you mean. Unless you pay $15 a month you can’t do “elite” things like sending mail.

    As for the game that started it all, could I point at Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds? Which, I should point out, is still running.

  • Ghostofevilhomer

    I’m not clear as to why they did this?  Didn’t EQ 1 still have over 50k subscribers?   The silver account is worthless and is the same price as what legacy players have had for seven years?   New players/customers pay more?  That won’t work…

  • Rodalpho

    The silver account upgrade costs five bucks. Not five bucks a month, it’s a one-time fee. Every F2P game does something like this, offering an extremely inexpensive high value upgrade just to get people to provide their creditcard number so they’re more likely to purchase additional content later on.

    Nobody outside Sony knows how many subscribers EQ1 has; obviously it’s nothing mind-blowing but sufficient to continue development. LOTRO had enough subs to continue too, and that game did much better converting to F2P; Sony is trying to clone that success with EQ1.

    • gx1080

      I think that the “one-time-fee” is an attempt to dissuade spammers.

  • Rodalpho

    Both free and silver account levels are unable to send in-game mail or use the broker. Free users can use /tell and both the  /auction and /ooc chat channels. So no, that’s not the case.

  • Scatch Maroo

    If you ever played EQMac, you’d find an amazing community of people who really, really cared about each other. It was as if the entire server were one large guild.  

    People actually gave a damn. Unlike a lot of other games where you’ll find ‘sub-communities’ within the game that are great, almost everyone who played EQMac was helpful and kind.

    • Gina Cirelli

      This is why, as an American, I play on Euro servers for the big titles.  I have found the same thing you mention.  🙂

  • Ubvman

    EQ1 had approximately 550,000+ subs during the Planes  of power expansion.  It was all downhill from there. One year after WoW (and after a disastrous expansion – GoD) , we were down to 50K+ subs and falling – 90% of the servers has disappeared.

    Frankly, I don’t know why they are doing this at this late stage. Has the number of active subscribers fallen below even the point of keeping a server or two profitable? EQ1 is Hardcore cat-assing with a capital H. Emphasis on the cat-assing grind. Frankly I don’t see camping for the cleric rez stick being anymore fun even when free. Its an obsolete game,  I really don’t see how it can prosper any better as a F2P game.