• Chris Dickerson

    Truly a shame, I really liked playing Kingdom of Amalur. The expansions were fun.

  • Gophur

    Spend 75 mil making one game or spend it making 75 games. Yeesh. Curt buddy, more brilliant minds than yours fail in the MMO business all the time.

  • Toastrider

    On a side note, I find it hilarious that Derek Smart’s review of the mess seems the most cogent.

  • Joe

    “Excellent”? ┬áReally Scott?

    This looks like a total whitewash. All they’re really saying is “If everyone had ignored all our problems and given us money, we wouldn’t be out of money right now”.

  • Bj

    “(Shilling)was a naive sucker, and I think his VPs played him, but he always had
    the kindest intents for everyone, and was never malicious or

    Do I detect a cult of personality here?