• Just in time for the last few days of the NBI movement.

  • Ryan James OSullivan

    Dubya bee

  • Cyndre

    We agree.   Life without Lum, is no life at all.

  • That rates a “huzzah!”

  • Naladini

    Facebook didn’t have nearly as much SEO optimization for hot gay elf pr0n as this site.

  • Mike

    I didn’t think it was going to take a meltdown of this magnitude to get papa bear to come out of hibernation.  That said, I would sacrifice 10 Curt Schillings for one blog post, every day of the week.

  • Gasbandit

    Fire away!

  • Victor Barreiro Jr.


  • Well look at you

  • ObiWanCanOweMe

    I’d read it.

  • Patrick Rogers


  • Jerid

    Gentlemen… start your tractors?