• I remember Dvorak from back when he was sane.

    Well, less crazy.  I seem to recall him predicting the demise of the Macintosh because it used a crazy input device called a “mouse.”  Glad that fell by the wayside.

  • Anubis

    I love his comment that Skype is the only realistic way to run Podcasts. Dvorak obviously doesn’t get out much.

    • HalibutBarn

      And always high quality?  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve listened to a podcast and one of the host’s voice starts going all harsh and robotic and you instantly know he’s on Skype.  And they’re still doing it wrong to begin with.

  • Hank Kuhfeldt

    I have never seen a worse bitchfest about the wrong things.  “I don’t care if the government listens i just want to do my podcast.”  Well, some of us do not want to be watched by a bunch of paranoiacs who can’t understand that  their citizenry has a right to not be constantly monitored by simple minded liars.  I really don’t get why the man is considered a valid voice in computer science when he has devolved to an uncaring user.

  • Reddotmist

    That article looks procedurally generated.

  • Victor Barreiro Jr.

    Um… I don’t know how to react. Isn’t he the guy who keeps making failed predictions? 🙁

  • I mean, he’s trolling, right? That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • hollowsquare


  • I’m Commander Shepard, and John C. Dvorak is my favorite troll on the Internet.

  • Mox

    I am dating myself here, but my fondest (for small values of “fond”) memory of Dvorak was when he published a rant (I believe in PCMag, could have been Computer Shopper) about how awful and misguided digital cassettes were, because they were prone to the same exact problems that audio cassettes were, namely that if you stretch the tape it distorts the music.  Dvorak didn’t seem to understand that a stretched zero or one is still a zero or one.  It blew my mind that someone who calls themselves a technologist didn’t even have the simplest understanding of the underlying technology.  And judging from this column, he hasn’t learned a thing in the intervening years.

  • JuJutsu

    I’m really disappointed in you Lum. You’re an experienced writer. I think if you really applied yourself you could write something that bad. I will grant you it would be a challenging task, but have some faith in yourself.

  • Sleepysam

    Am I alone in having to look it up?

    Satori (悟り?) (Chinese: 悟; pinyin: wù; Korean: 오 o; Vietnamese: ngộ) is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment, meaning “understanding”. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kensho.[1] Kensho (Japanese) is a term used in Zen traditions meaning “seeing into one’s true nature.” Ken means “seeing,” sho means “nature” or “essence.”[1] Satori and kensho are commonly translated as enlightenment, a word that is also used to translate bodhi, prajna and buddhahood.

  • ceolstan

    Clearly you need to aim lower.

    Okay, maybe not there.

  • Bonedead

    Whew, didn’t link to me.

  • Carson Wilson

    Wow. He makes some pretty sweeping social commentary (people don’t care about being eavesdropped on) – then follows it up with a rant about their patch process and a shrug on better ideas.

    I was genuinely curious about what he was going to say about eavesdropping and was expecting a rabid defense OR rant.

    Well I guess I got one, but it was for upgrade pop ups so /boggle!

    Personally, I prefer facetime anyway 🙂

    Oh and as an aside, I’m sad that (I’m assuming anyway) he gets paid to write what he wrote.

  • Ljk

    I for one want to know, who is this Scott Jennings person?  Posting multiple times in one week to this blog can only me one of two things:

    1) The blog has been hacked

    2) Aliens have replaced the real Scott Jennings (the most likely answer)

  • I’m going to go with the theory that one of the portents of the end of the world in 2012 is when Great Cthulhu, err Scott, stirs from his slumber…

  • Aufero

    Dvorak has been successfully trolling the world of computing since before the internet existed.

  • Tracey Snow

    It’s Dvorak…. I believe the term “troll” became a meme because of him.