AND G.O.D. SAID, LET THERE BE TITTIES [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

First let me be very clear about breasts: they are not evil. Without breasts, very few of us would be alive today. For the overwhelming majority of humans, the breast was our first sentient meal; our first independent act, and the first contact with another human outside of the uterus. The cool thing about breasts is that putting aside the biological marvel that they indeed are, breasts are kinda fun. They are the physical embodiment of all the intangible aspects of womanhood which society holds highly (or used to, at any rate). So make sure to read and absorb this testimonial: Arcadian Likes Breasts.

Having said that, I think what Gathering Of Developers did was unethical and unprofessional. Having strippers rip off their shirts for leering game geeks (and face it, anyone who thinks QuakeIII is a sport, is Lord of the Game Geeks), is not the modus operandi of a successful, professional company. It is the death rattle of a dying enterprise, and an excellent way to sell used cars. For a company who operates out of a cathedral and in a fit of creativity, calls itself G.O.D. – the whole stunt feels trite, contrived, and smacks of “gimmick”. The sin here is not in letting geeky catassers grab a fistful of tit, but rather, in using breasts as a diversion and a distraction. In my opinion, a good product doesn’t need a diversion, and a successful enterprise doesn’t need to distract its clientele. If it does, that should serve as a warning about the products they want you to purchase. My personal message to the ownership of Gathering Of Developers would be simple: “Enough with the Used Car Dealer mentality and the adolescent marketing tactics. Stop spending your money on whores, and spend a little more in research, development, and quality assurance.”

What does this say about the gaming industry? It is still male dominated, male directed, and male focused. Women just step aside. What does this say about Gathering of Developers? Well, browsing their website, it is no shocker that they employ no women. While I am not a woman myself, if I were, I would probably not bother to apply for a position there, unless it was Missionary. Within the cathedral walls of G.O.D., women are sex toys.

Breasts are good. Breasts are fun.

But if you need to use naked tits to get me interested in what you are doing, then clearly what you are doing is not all that interesting.

update: Here’s a quick glimpse of the marketing wizard who brings us stripper chicks and erect nipples from a church in Texas:

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