A (Lack Of) Programming Note

I’ve gone ahead and switched the internal blog commenting system back on. The forums will stick around in their current woefully ignored state (I’ll probably need them for something else eventually) but I haven’t had the time to integrate them fully into WordPress as I planned to, so they tend to be more of a hindrance to commenting on things for all save the hardest of core.

We meant to do better, but it came out as always.” – Viktor Chernomyrdin, typically cheerful Russian politician

  • Hey, let’s try this new comment system. What’s the worst that can happen?

    • John Smith

      Your neglected forums could become self-aware and wage a war against humanity.

    • shadowwar

      End of existence.

  • I wonder, would it be vanity for me to blame my excessive posting for the forums grinding to a halt, or truth?

  • Imp_ulse

    But i waited over ten years for the forums to come back! *cries*

  • dartwick

    “Hey, let’s try this new comment system. What’s the worst that can happen?  ”

    I suppose that it could result in painful deaths for all of us.

  • Gx1080 .


  • Guest

    Twitter, Facbook? Can we just please get old system back.

  • Sinij

    This does not play nice with noscript. What is disqus? Lum, are you trying to cash in on social media and become next facebook with this blog?

    • Aufero

      It plays perfectly well with NoScript if you allow Disqus.  (And while I love NoScript and won’t use a browser without it these days, complaining that the sites you visit don’t work when you refuse them permission to run Javascript seems a tad pointless.  This ain’t the 90’s.)

  • > Can we just please get old system back.


    > This does not play nice with noscript.

    Level of caring: minimal.

    > Lum, are you trying to cash in on social media and become next facebook with this blog?

    Yes, it’s all a plot for me to make millions off the 8 of you who leave blog comments.

    • Blargle

      8?  Eight?  What, you just HAD to be one better than Sanya?  I see how it is!

  • sock puppet

    oh god it’s changing by the minute

  • Mclovehandles
  • Mandella

    All right. I’m not an insider here, and obviously I rarely post.
     So can somebody explain what the hell was wrong with the forum that it had to be shot down (again)?

    • Cymbaline

      Forums tend to drive people off because you have to click through to another page, then, if you’re new, you have to register, then check your email to get the registration confirmation, then you have to find the page you originally were on, and then finally, you can reply. 

      For the hard of core, it doesn’t matter.  For the rest, it’s the difference between posting and not posting, which means way less traffic for a site.  I know, because I originally started my site with forums for comments, and eventually found out it was driving a lot of comments off.

  • Without the forums, how is wowpanda ever going to find out how uninformed he is about economics?

  • John Smith

    The world is moving more towards anonymous *chan like sites. No registration = people more likely to post and post  more often.

  • Jenks


  • Victor Barreiro Jr.

    I’m just happy Sir Jennings is happy. 🙂

  • ToeJob

    Did you just NGE

  • Gx1080 .

    Could you put a link to the forum on the front page? I kinda like it.

  • Letstryafake

    Lum, I want my money back. … ah, wait a second, *#%&!- those free services.

  • Brask

    But I thought the forums were added precisely *to* drive a lot of comments off?

    • Cymbaline

      “But I thought the forums were added precisely *to* drive a lot of comments off?”

      Could be!  Also, when I make the reply comment, my reply is thread nicely below the one I’m replying too, all indented to indicate as much.  But when I come back, it’s all at the bottom, havin’ no reference the post I replied to.  🙁  Also, are rocking HTML style markup, or UBB?

      • Cymbaline

        Answer: HTML.  My smiley looks… interesting. ;_;

  • Letstryafake

    Hey, where is the “Connect with Sony Network” Button?

  • Xaldin

    Bleh. I liked forums more.

  • Ashendarei

    I’m actually pretty happy about this.  I stopped commenting entirely because I loathed the forums 😀

  • DarkDryad

    Lum is the antichrist and Hitler rolled into one being designed to ruin our lives. Damn you sir! Damn you to the infernal pit from whence ye came!

  • Halgernon

    Curses! My work’s filter hadn’t caught on to brokensystems but brokentoys was blocked some time ago. Oh well, I guess on slow work days I’ll have to go back to sneaking home. (You can have my VPN token when you pry it from my cold dead hands!)

  • Gyrus

    This patch suxxor.  I am 133t hardcore forum poster.  If the Carebears don’t like it they can STFU and go back to WoW.
    (I have always wanted to say that :-D)

  • Sinij

    I fucking fear change. Can we please go to original (very first one) comment system and forget this social media crap? If we do, Tractors on me!

  • dartwick

    Forums let me pick my icon.

  • JuJutsu

    Hrrm. Leave the country for a few weeks and everything changes.

  • Blargle

    Bring back pre-posting, I fear change, yadda yadda.

    No but really, forums were way better than this garbage.  /sniff

  • Guy

    I for one am enjoying the return of RSS comments.