And The Lamb Lies Down In A Crate On Broadway

Your frequently asked questions about the dude shipping himself cross-country while playing LotRO.

1: He has a friend driving him across the country on a truck, so no, it’s not just “sticking a tag on a box and mailing yourself Fed-Ex”.

2: Performance art would be my guess. Also the fact that bloggers like myself really can’t resist stupid stories like this.

3: Probably not a Warden since they’re pretty latency-dependent!

4: 7 days.

5: Yeah, it is pretty dumb

6: I’m pretty sure it’s not technically against the law to lock yourself in a crate for a week.

7: Yeah, I’d be worried about the hard drive, too.


  • ScytheNoire

    Most gamers these days have an SSD, so I wouldn’t worry about the hard drive. If you are a gamer and don’t have an SSD, time to get one, it makes a huge difference.

    As for the overall, should have done WoW, it gets far more publicity.

    • Toastrider

      SSD? Solid state drive?

  • One would feel it was a bit more of a statement if one didn’t suspect he does the same thing in the rest of life as he did during these 7 days of confinement.

  • hollowsquare

    I had hoped we were past the era of stupid webstunts.  But oh yeah, narcissism > all.

  • Trevel

    I hope we’re never beyond the era of crazy stunts. A world in which random people do crazy things for no good reason, that don’t hurt anyone? Yeah. That’s a good world.

  • Njal

    Probably a Runekeeper. They are pretty overpowered.

  • dartwick

    no one cares

  • Brask

    I hope he used some serious LVOC paint for his freshly painted home.  For some reason I have my doubts he’s factored in sufficient time for the paint to finish outgassing.

    • Robin Kestrel

      That’s a feature, not a bug.

  • Chris

    I don’t think he has to worry about paint, he’s not leaving until July 1st. Plus, I read on an article on Kotaku that “He has said that this relates to his study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and coping mechanisms related to PTSD”    So no, I don’t think he’s doing it just to be stupid.

    • Afrag

      That’s a really stupid, non-scientific way to study PTSD and coping mechanisms.

  • Brask

    This study showed only 20% of the VOC had been outgassed after two weeks for paint-on-drywall.
    In any case, I hope he’s got some serious ventilation fans on that box.  Including the obvious problem of verifying the truck itself is ventilated.

  • Sinij

    I wonder if Diogenes played WoW.

  • Day 4.  I had thought the cramp from confining myself to this crate would go away, but it’s only getting worse.   When it dawned on me that I would not escape this box without a hernia, I screamed for help, but my voice either went unheard or ignored.  All things considered, it was poor taste for me to kick my friend’s dog before stepping into this crate.

    Day 5.  The urine jar has ruptured.  I’m in Hell.

  • ToeJob

    There really is little hope for us as a species.

  • Indy

    Day 3, 1300 hours: I’m being forklifted into a huge warehouse full of other large crates. There’s mysterious and freaky/dramatic music somewhere in the distance. 

  • Grentfie

    Don’t worry, their Top Men will be taking a look at  it soon.

    Top. Men.