• gx1080

    Renting that space suit gets expensive.

  • Athryn

    I wonder what will happen to the Geocache that’s on the property, it’s very elaborate and supposed to be one of the most entertaining Geocaches out there.

    • Jerid

      Ok you made me Google Geocache :p

  • Rodalpho

    Such a shame that he’s being forced to sell. It’s obviously a very personal and personalized property, you can tell that he obsessed over every tiny detail, from the stained glass in his study to the space shuttle statuary outside. It’s the kind of dream house we would all love to build for ourselves but could never hope to afford.

  • mcl

    For an extra 2.1 mill he will show you all the secret doors and gimmicks in the house too.

  • Guildrum

    See Scott? You just didn’t sell out BIG enough!

  • Naladini

    Its pretty cool that he’s listing the armor class on the dwelling, usually, you have to bring in a special inspector for that….

  • Habbaku