Never Post The Comments

From my last piece:

I am not obligated to turn my blog password over to Mark Kern so he can post happy pictures and complain about how he can’t speak to anyone because I made fun of him.

And… it turns out, I’m really not.

Damion is.

At last report, Damion is still completely preventing Kern from commenting on his blog post, because comments on blog posts do not exist.

  • My gut says that this is Mark Kern trying to be funny.

    The problem, which comes to pass with most extremist positions, is that his attempt at humor is so akin to his past behavior that supporters and detractors alike will likely take it entirely at face value. He hasn’t put forth a comically exaggerated variation of his past position, he has just taken his currently stated view on “the censorship of Mark Kern” and extended it to one more site. ha ha.

    • If you read his timeline, it’s pretty clear he was serious.

      • Lani

        If you read his timeline, it becomes pretty hard to take him seriously

        • Admittedly, that may be the foundation of my gut feeling. I keep having “He cannot literally mean that, can he?” moments.

        • I can’t read him timeline, he blocks me.

          The big sissy.

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