Yay, another year on. I still can’t get used to the whole 200x thing. It’s a minor thing, but it bothers me. Then again I still think it’s 1985. A year ago I was idly wondering when I was going to be hit with the next wave of dot-com layoffs, while trying to keep a too-popular-for-its-own-good website running. What a difference a year makes! Next year at this rate I’ll probably be a mercenary in Sri Lanka or something.

I I i I I Eye I. Weblogs are such egodriven things. Then again if I wrote about you it would just be weird.

Today’s cool thing: iM Tuner. It’s one of those programs you don’t really need, but is constructed just well enough to encourage you not to bother with the alternatives (in this case, Windows Media Player and Winamp for streaming audio stations), and, blessedly, is adware-free. It found a permanent home on my email workstation (yes, we’re just that ate up enough). Right now we’re listening to a round-robin of Celtic folk stations. Kill your television!