The promise of Neverwinter Nights hasn’t quite been fulfilled yet (mainly because too many people seem determined to shoehorn an MMO out of it somehow) but some gems are appearing. Check out the woefully-undernamed “A Tragedy in Tragidor” for writing worthy of the best of Planescape: Torment, or the “Penultima” series if you’re into Terry Pratchett (I’m not, but I appreciate a well-crafted module). Find em both at Neverwinter Vault.

So what about mine? Well, I continue to hack away at it on weekends (that I’m not at work, anyway). It’s from a pen and paper campaign I ran a few lifetimes back, where a human empire is at war with elves and the party is a mercenary band caught in the middle. Here’s a screenshot from the opener, where the party literally hits the beach in the middle of a battle.

NWN handles large scale melees surprisingly well… on my machine anyway. I wonder how it will scale on less beefy machines. But as it is it’s fascinating just watching the two sides hack away at each other. Then again I entertain easily. Anyway, when I get it in shape to test I’ll post it here. At the current rate, that should be sometime in 2004. Whee!