A Brief Geek Note

I bought this last week, mainly for work – someone at work brought one to a meeting back when I first started at NC and I immediately fell head over heels in lust. And there ain’t no lust like the lust of nerd lust because the nerd lust just don’t stop. HOOAH.

I’ve always liked PDAs, especially the ones that integrated handwriting recognition. Why? Because I’m a Star Trek nerd. I want a PADD. Well, these babies are PADDs with better form factor. And the handwriting recognition has progressed to a point where it will impress almost anyone who sees it now – I can just scribble a few lines in my own handwriting (which is well-nigh illegible), hit a button, and after a brief delay it’s transcribed. LIKE MAGIC! (Arthur C. Clarke variety)

Of course, the real question is: will it play World of Warcraft? Yes, at widescreen 1280 x 720 it runs very well – I missed having a mouse, and will probably plug one in at some point, but otherwise, it ran fine. In Windows XP. Installing Windows Vista (which I had to do, because, well, you know, it has “VISTA CAPABLE” stamped on the case), Vista ran fine, Office ran fine, OneNote ran fine – WoW meekly burped and said it couldn’t find a 3D card. OK then. Guess it’s not Vista Capable ENOUGH.

At any rate, I have to keep taking this to work and using it to take notes at meetings, and thus taming the huge heaps o’paper on my desk, because otherwise, I’ll have gone $1500 more into debt just so I can play WoW in my easy chair. Which, mind you, I am perfectly capable of doing.