Origin implemented another patch today. Shortly thereafter all the shards moaned quietly, rolled around in the dirt, and finally laid on their backs, legs and arms sticking straight up into the air. The intrepid OSI Quick Response Team is holding smelling salts under the servers’ noses as we speak, and I have word from reliable sources that they are beginning to twitch.

Origin also said things about houses. Apparently the new policy is that housing placed using stacking exploits falls under the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rule, but some time in the future a house may be deleted, if it was illegally placed, unless it wasn’t. No one understood what they meant, including apparently the dev team. As Sunsword put it on the Dev Board,

I think it would be wise at this point not to overreact to the housing announcement. The point is, we are going to give you plenty of warning about any such change in policy and until we have more info. I just wouldn’t place anymore illegal houses…

The question is: are pre-patch houses still legal?

The answer is “I can’t give you the specifics on that”. But common sense would indicate that the answer is “probably”. The point of the communication was to stop an exploit, not dismay our legitimate players.

Will we EVER see house maintainence?

You should hear something on that subject in the next week or so.

On a related note, what is up with this?

I suppose it’s proof that Sunsword is in fact a real UO player and, like every other real UO player, has a dorky signature graphic that is 30 times the loading time of any message it’s attached to.

You know, Gordon the Tyrant doesn’t have dorky signature graphics.