Please let me take a moment here to digress from games and talk about a very American holiday — The Fourth of July. For those of you that don’t know, July 4th is our Independence Day. Usually this day is just another day off work, a chance to hear some free live music and watch a fireworks display. But this year was cool because instead of that, the wonderful people I hang out with did something different. We had the typical party (the fireworks got rained out). But at midnight (or so) someone hauled out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and we took turns reading a paragraph or sentence or passage. Then we all sang the Star Spangled Banner and toasted Virginia and Maryland and freedom and the like. Anyway this was the most meaningful Fourth I’ve ever had and I just wanted to give a great public mad propz to the country I live in and am a citizen of. We now return to our regularly scheduled gaming (sort of) website.