A-HUNTING WE WILL GO [Author: myschyf]

Well she got her friend Gwenn and the three of us decided to visit the Cove orc fort. That’s where we saw this:

Evocare practicing the new precasting combat rules. He died.

So then we saw the new mounts that the Savages are riding. Apparently you can tame them and ride them.

The new ridgebacks. They look like ostards in the 2d client. Pic courtesy of Heather.

Then some idiot decided to start being a noto peekay (in Felucca where no one is ever an idiot and no one ever noto peekays — but I digress). The Cove Orc Fort was just either killing orcs or killing savages — not a big deal and not something that we haven’t been doing for a while now in the towns. One note — with this scenario, the towns seemed to empty out of orcs. At least there were none in Cove. I didn’t check out Minoc, Skara and the like. We had hoped to see a Savage Mage which we had heard were coming but we couldn’t find one. So not wanting to stick around in bad company and having heard there was a new dungeon we decided to go see if we could find it. We did.

Our intrepid party of adventurers outside the entrance to the new dungeon. Pic courtesy of Heather.

Inside the new dungeon

I went swimming.

The orc equivalent of Arnold Schwarznegger. Dias took his orc mask off and it killed him.

I had to go so the party broke up. If you go to the new dungeon, wear an orc mask and don’t kill anything or take lots of people. The brute is.. well he’s a brute. Be careful.

Also if you haven’t seen the rest of the new orcs, Heather has pics of them.