A MAGIC UPDATE [8:10:5:4] [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

Magic Weapons and Armor Identification Mar 9 2001 11:53AM CST

Magic weapons and armor will display descriptions in brackets once the item is identified, instead of the current numerical values. For example, if you identified an indestructible surpassingly accurate broadsword of force, the system would display it as:

magic broadsword

[indestructible / force / surpassingly accurate]

Before the weapon is identified, the descriptions will be replaced with the word \’e2\’80\’9cunidentified\’e2\’80\’9d

magic broadsword


The identification information will appear under the weapon/armor name when the item is single clicked. More information and exact details on this system will be released in the near future

There is a thread available for your perusal at uo.com. Click here to check it out, but remember – here at Lum The Mad, Rantings Of, cursewords are your friends.