A Programming Note

If your comment is “held for moderation”, that means the spam filter thinks it is spam. Most likely I will never see it, so if you want it to be seen drop me an email (sjennings (a) brokentoys.org) and I’ll bump it back into rotation.

As a general rule comments are never moderated for content. There are very few exceptions:

– obscenity (and it has to be really obscene)
– beating a dead horse (as in, a forum invasion flooding a months-old post)
– spam (“Hi, I run this consulting company and would like to link to it 30 times in this comment”)
– thinly disguised gold-farming ads (personal perogative)
– virulent ad-hominem personal attacks (and again, it has to be pretty bad for me to bother)

If any of this happens, I mark your comment as spam. Which means that anyone using Akismet’s spam filter will block you. Enjoy your stay on the rest of the internet. (Note: this is a joke.) (Further note: maybe.)