A SAMPLE BANNING LETTER [Author: wirehead]

This seems to be as much public statement as we are likely to get from Origin. It was sent to someone who was banned.

I’m in the UoHOC right now. The people banned all have their server as a tag aka [Ches] (the great majority). Right now there’s 80 of them and more are showing up…


We have recently performed an exhaustive search regarding wide spread use of exploits, Terms of Service violations, and Rules of Conduct violations in our service. All accounts and individuals involved that were discovered in this search have had their accounts suspended. This information was assembled over the period of weeks leading up to today, and the review of what transpired goes back several months.

Several persons on numerous accounts have decided to engage in exploitative activities for some time on multiple shards for personal gain. These exploits ranged from inappropriate character management and advancement to server-wide sharing of game resources gained through exploits. No use of any exploit is acceptable by Origin Systems or by Electronic Arts – once the information was compiled, the immediate necessary action was taken to protect the Ultima Online service.

Your account has been verified to be linked to these exploiters, either by logging into the accounts of the known exploiters or by them logging into yours. In either case, we have positively identified through IP logs, account logs, character records, and other methods that this has happened. Every account that has been associated with those accounts has been removed from the Ultima Online service in an attempt to ensure that these actions and their consequences are completely eliminated.

The closure of this and other implicated accounts was done so with the best interests of Ultima Online and its community in mind. Due to the extreme nature of the exploits, the damage inflicted on the UO community, and the blatant disregard of the Terms of Service and the Rules of Conduct, we feel it necessary to discontinue providing service and doing business with all accounts involved.

Thank you for your time,
Ultima Online Player Relations
Origin Systems, Inc.