A Short Programming Note

To cut off the flood of emails, texts, IMs, and queries in the hall:

* Yes, I saw it.

* I have even less comment then Sanya does.

* Suffice to say that is a time in my life that has passed and I, and everyone else, have learned a great deal about game development in the interim.

* Everybody loves dirty laundry. I originally thought of just leaving this post up comment-locked, but then people would just comment in the next post down. So be aware that I really *do* have no comment, I’m not going to say which part was true, which part wasn’t, which parts make me angry with a white hot flame and which parts make me chuckle. So go nuts. I’ve moved on, and I hope Mr/Ms Louse does as well.

* Because the one lesson I *did* take away from my time at Mythic is that when it’s time to leave a job, you shouldn’t fester away in bitterness, you should leave.