A VERY BRADY MMOG [Author: Niobe]

Now with online games being made into TV series and vice versa we have to ask ourselves if this trend is going too far. Movies have already tapped into the success of television shows but do you really want to be immersed in the world of Gilligan’s Interactive Island? Do you think that a Dark Age of Camelot series will be innovative or a Xena: The Warrior Princess clone? We’ll have a chance to find out this fall. It’s one thing to have a cult phenomenon like Star Trek Online. Its quite another to run around a virtual world with a character resembling Regis Philbin.

So I present a list of MMOG’s that should NEVER be made.

Hollywood take heed…please.

Sunshine Day: A Very Brady RPG

Choose one of eight Brady classes, each with unique abilities, as you frolic in this entertaining game sure to bring hours of addictive fun! Want to earn gold building houses for other players? You can as you develop your Mr. Brady class which its special architecture skills. For those who enjoy playing bards you’ll love the Greg Brady class and its unique ability to shape-shift into Johnny Bravo, rock star! Although you cannot customize your look at creation, your character will change as you earn skills and level. Male characters will be able to perm their hair after advancing to higher levels, while female characters gain the ability to wear shorter skirts as the character advances. Earn money and move out of the crowded, multi-user bedrooms and into your very own attic loft!

Sunshine Day is a game based on advancing characters via quests and tasks. Don’t worry if you get stuck working on a task. There are several helper NPCs, such as Sage Alice, to help you complete them! The robust quest engine even allows for group questing. Guilds will be able to compete against others in the immersive Talent Show quest for a chance to earn both money and fame. A sure winner with the hardcore gamer!

Play 2 Crush: The National News Online

Who says companies are repulsed by griefers? This game is tailored towards their very special playstyle. The massive world of P2C:NNO is made special by the huge list of available skills. Everything from simple forgery to large-scale arson can be achieved and with over 500 skills to choose from each character will have unique qualities. Though the game is not class-based, players will only be able to specialize in a few professions. Only the most dedicated player can earn the title of Grandmaster Terrorist! The key to advancing in this world is through leadership and interaction with other players. Working together as a team may earn your group the exclusive right to a headline news story at the end of the day. Play 2 Crush does not hire bothersome GMs to cramp your style and there is no risk of banning. You decide how far is too far.

Many Friends Online

In this stunning 3d game you will be able to interact with other players by hosting parties, chatting with friends on your very own couch – each player will receive an apartment which can be completely customized – and even use the bathroom together for those private conversations. You will be able to select from several occupations for your character and the clothing options are endless. As you advance and earn money your character will be able to spend money on an increasingly large selection of items. Impress your friends with a pool table or large screen TV! Oops! Make sure you’ve excelled in the cooking skill or you might burn down the kitchen!

UPDATE: This game has been canceled in favor of a similar game with a different name

On second thought, maybe its time to shut the TV off, blow up the computer and go back to reading a good book.