A WEBSITE_00 SAYS, “PAY PLZ” [Author: Lum the Mad]

Harbringer of things to come? Saw this first on Quarter To Three, one of the better general gaming sites: Everlore is asking for money to turn off their new pop-up ads.

With the current status of the Internet advertising industry, revenue streams used to pay for site maintenance (bandwidth, server equipment, firewalls etc) have been dwindling. It has become harder by the month to maintain our sites. Recently the Lore Network was forced to turn pop-up banners on to get some sort of revenue to keep the sites up and running. We know that these pop-up banners and advertising in general is something most users don’t want.

In fact, most users would probably rather not have any advertising at all but, it’s been something we have had to do to keep the sites up. We know that for some of our viewers the pop-ups are more than an annoyance as their work network security scrutinizes popup traffic closely. Now we are giving our viewers an additional option. You can continue to visit the site as normal or, for a small annual fee of 15 dollars a year you can view the site absolutely advertisement free. That means, no top page banners, no skyscraper banners and no pop-up banners for a whole year. For just pennies a day users will get an advertisement free account that will work across all RPG Lore sites which includes, Everlore, Asheron’s Lore, Anarchy Lore, Rpg Lore, Origin Lore, and any new sites that are released.

So if you want to view the site at work without the risk of banner content, or if you just want to help support the RPG Lore Network through 2001 then please subscribe today.

Rumors that ltm.net will be implementing a Special Subscriber Service that allows you to turn off rants by Myschyf, Hedron and Arcadian Del Sol are UNTRUE. Really. Don’t tempt me.