ABASHI ON SLEEPER [Author: Snowspinner]

Couple of statements before we get started:

1. The events regarding the waking of the Sleeper on the Rathe worked
2. I’m sure it’s possible that Nagafen may have shouted something
out-of-turn, but I don’t see anything that would have caused it. In the
grand scheme of things, an NPC shouting something at an inappropriate time
is pretty low on the totem pole of problems with an advanced zone-crossing
scripted event. If anyone can provide us with any specifics we’ll look into
3. The current state of Sleeper’s Tomb on the Rathe is in-line with how
intended to be. This patch we added some more dialog and such to make that
more apparent to the players, and I thank you for bringing it to our
attention that it wasn’t entirely clear to our players. We also automated
it’s current state so that it doesn’t require the GMs permakilling of the
warders — the way it should have been in the first place (automated as
opposed to manual). Of course the end result is the same — the Warders are
dead and the Sleeper is gone. That said I suspect that if people play
around in the zone on The Rathe long enough that they’ll find something

Now, please allow me to editorialize:

First, you’ve frequently pointed at our silence in regard to this matter.
One thing to keep in mind is that just because you don’t understand
something, doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong. Often merely
commenting on an issue, even to the extent to say that we’re not commenting
on the issue, releases more information about the events than we want people
reading off of a public web site, rather than figuring it out for themselves
in game. We’re trying to present a compelling storyline, and further push
the complexity of the content that we present with each passing month.
Oftentimes the goals of that content aren’t clear, but those who figure
things out tend to garner a tremendous sense of achievement. We don’t want
to take that away from them.

Secondly, your style of writing is not one that makes us want to jump to
address the issues you raise or take stock in your opinion. More often it
appears you use this forum as your personal soapbox rather than as a
journalistic medium. That’s fine if that is the goal of the site, but we’re
typically not ones to be “angered” into responding. If the things you post
are crafted in a way that shows this to be the obvious intent, you should
generally expect us to ignore it. Yes I realize I’m breaking that rule now,
but for the sake of players who read this site I’m trying to give you the
benefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps you think insulting posts are
the best way to get a response. It really isn’t. If you’ll refer to the
Beastlord article that you wrote, to which I responded, you’ll notice that
it was an opinion piece based upon things you’ve heard about the beastlord.
It didn’t contain insults. It wasn’t a rant. It posed questions. It got a

Thanks for letting me use the site as *my* personal soapbox 🙂