Pretty much every thing in that post points to it being quite possible that the poster isn’t in the beta.
First, there are no “mirrored zones” (e.g. Zones from old EQ that are flipped, reversed, and have a different texture set). Though this has been suggested many times by the players as a way to add zones quickly, we’ve never done it.

Secondly, there are no Planes that cause a rez effect to be placed upon you on entrance. I’m not sure where that came from.

In regards to item drops, they are progressing along nicely. Suffice it to say that we want to limit the amount of info about items that gets released, so most of the best stuff won’t be put in until right before Velious goes live.

Here’s what our informant had to say in response to Abashi’s post.

No mirrored zones? Bullshit. There are zones in SoV that are identical and reversed in every way. This is an undisputable fact. If they aren’t identical, then Verant is more incompetent than anyone ever knew.

No planes that cause a rez effect? This is as accurate as most of Gordon’s other statements. It doesn’t matter what they end up calling it, no mana and half health is no mana and half health. If this was just a one time test or a permanent feature, it doesn’t matter. Gordon is wrong, again.

Items are dropping? True, but fine steel weapons and copper pieces aren’t exactly new to the loot tables. No new items are dropping. Gordon is wrong, again.

So SOMEONE is lying. I personally have no idea who. You’re welcome to place yer bets…