ABC: Pedophiles invading Everquest! Run for your virtual lives!

From ABC:

In an attempt to avoid traceable e-mails, pedophiles are using online games, including Sony’s Everquest, to target and communicate with their victims, according to federal investigators.

This is based on… brace yourself… one pedophile.

Malone was arrested on June 14 in Texas and released on bond. Reached at his home, he told ABC News he did not deny the allegations.

“They were a terrible mistake,” Malone said. “I’ve always tried to make people happy, and I don’t think of myself as a monster or a type of creature,” Malone said.

Yes. Because 99.9999999% of the people who DO think of themselves as monsters or types of creatures in Everquest DO NOT TRY TO MOLEST SMALL CHILDREN. Clearly, this is Advanced Nonlinear Logic beyond the reach of the media.