From somewhere and everywhere on the web:

All servers are down for emergency Maintenance. There is NO ETA at the time. We are currently experiencing Database problems. Thank you for your patience. There will be a rollback.

Apparently, characters weren’t being saved properly and reverting themselves to older saves. Thus, trades, item transfers, and leveling were being profoundly affected. I experienced this yesterday on Thistledown (though I didn’t take umbrage with it at the time).

The rollback has been rumored to be anywhere from 30 mins all the way up to 12 hours.

Which means all those levels and phat lewt I gained yesterday is for naught, and I’ll have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Ah well. Sounds like the guys at Turbine have had their weekend ruined as well. At least I’m not alone in this.


The servers have returned with the most minor of roll backs. Since I was playing last night when the servers went down, my character on Thistledown reverted to about 20 mins prior to the server going down.

The result? I need to buy mana stones again. Very minor, all things considered.

Good job, Turbine.