Level 7 Life Magic is in.

For the wildly overpowered among you. Now you can drain through walls like you\’e2\’80\’99ve never drained before.

Advanced titles for Guild of Bestowers are in. Bestowers also give hats for advanced titles in Alchemy, Cooking and Fletching. Really, we mean it this time.

“Arc, no, you still don’t want to play this game even though they have great hats. Arc? Arc????”

. . .

“Will someone get the cattle prod?”

When you die outdoors, the location of your death is now stored and can be displayed with the command @corpse. This way, if you get disconnected and subsequently die, you can still retrieve that location next time you log on. Note that this only works for outdoor locations.

Now this is highly useful. Trying to find your corpse in the wide-open, zoneless world that is Dereth can be a severe pain in the ass. This is long overdue.

New summer dye colors available. Winter (!) dye plants removed from landscape.

The AC fashion show continues. Remember, kids, no white after Labor Day. That would make you less than fabulous.

Ayan Baqur is now (mostly) back to normal.

Well now, that is entirely subjective, especially if you play on Darktide.

There were some bug fixes. If you wish to see them, you can go here.

One notable absence to this month’s patch is a fix for GEAR. Apparently, the devs are having a hard time implementing code that will eliminate the usability of this horribly damaging third party program.

And you know it’s bad when KoC/Blood is whining about people out-cheating them:

I don’t know about you all but I am quite sick of running into AB seeing a Ice skating match by Qlop, Addiction the Dagashi and the group of Mid Evils. After running for some time last night just testing seeing these so called cheats saying they don’t cheat cast 4 debuffs in 2 secs while I am 3 clicks ahead of them I have to say I had enough…

So I have going with Rojan on this one, everyone give a friendly letter to the AC Devs/Microsoft at this address:

Poor guys. I feel their pain. Do you?

I do so enjoy some irony during my Thursday afternoons.