“AC TEAM” COMMENTS ON REVERT [Author: Lietgardis]

Late yesterday afternoon, the “Asheron’s Call team” released a statement on the FREE PYREALS FOR EVERYBODY exploit and subsequent two-day revert. It gave everyone something to read during the server downtime, in between posting threats to quit on message boards. This afternoon, they don’t need anything to do because they’re busy playing, words of anger forgotten. You, as a non-player, may yet find something of interest in the apology and FAQ.

Q: Many players already had more pyreals than they knew what to do with. How does this make it worse? Why not just leave the economy flooded?

A: Although a certain class of high-powered players already had vast sums of pyreals before the bug was discovered, this steadily trickles down to everyone else, and the recent flood of pyreals would still have a devastating effect on the economy. We regularly get complaints from players that certain items and services are overpriced. This indicates that money is not meaningless to a large number of players. We believe that a cash economy, even an abundant one, is a key component to a good online role-playing game, and we do not wish to challenge that belief at this moment.

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