In our attempt to keep the flag flying as North Korea’s Home Away From Home on the Internet, we relay KCNA’s latest dispatch from the completely-blowed-up city of Ryongchon, as told by Reuters:

“Many people of the county evacuated portraits [of Kim Jong Il] before searching after their family members or saving their household goods,” KCNA said in a report with a Ryongchon dateline.

“Upon hearing the sound of the heavy explosion on their way home for lunch, Choe Yong-il and Jon Tong-sik, workers of the county procurement shop, ran back to the shop,” KCNA said.

“They were buried under the collapsing building to die a heroic death when they were trying to come out with portraits of President Kim Il-sung and leader Kim Jong-il,” it said.

“Teacher Han Jong-suk, 56, also breathed her last with portraits in her bosom,” KCNA said. Another teacher saved seven students, but died rescuing the portraits, it said.

One can only imagine the death toll were the glorious workers of the People’s State not madly running amuck trying to save valuable propaganda photos of the Dear Leader from becoming dusty due to the explosion before worrying about such trifles as children or family members.

To spare further deaths in hideous explosions, we here at (we being me) hereby enshrine these photos of the Dear Leader so that they will be protected from harm and random railway explosions. Glory to the People’s Revolution!

(photos removed, they broke new format. DAMN YOU TO HELL CAPITALIST BLOGGER!)