With nothing horribly controversial happening in the world of ORPGs this week (with the possible exception of petition bannings and illegal spaceship exploiting), some things are written about that are a bit tamer in comparison.

The British (see above) don’t seem to like it when other sites write about the same topics. have on a few occasions been rather slow in posting news reports about ultima related stories, in some cases the posts have given me reason to think they have taken information from other pages such as mine and posted their own version of events based upon nothing more than what I or other pages have wrote.

Plagiarism?? no I wouldn’t go that far not in most cases, rudeness I would say, taking information and not linking it back to where they got it from seems to be common practice there. I was told to not be so silly by Arcadian of LTM and offered a explanation I accepted on one occasion. However if you care to note my faction post a few articles down, and also note I am the only web site to of posted this sort of information about the kill point system as it is my own personal views on a situation. Then visit Lum the mads page and read their article posted a few days after my own. A rather similar post wouldn’t you say??? one that states views of his own I agree that was wrote by him self again I agree, however it is rather funny how he posts it days after I post identical content.

Again I would let this pass this and forget it but I posted a short post on the lum board saying “umm slow on your reports I posted a identical article days ago at uochat” then gave my views on the discussion and situation, I was banned from his forums and my post edited.

I here by accuse Arcadian of LTM of plagiarism and theft, he stole the article then banned me from the forum for pointing it out and trying to show the original post on this here site, my post still stands and is in fact dated, his post again stands and is dated, judge for yourselves.

Because, remember, before UO Chat came along, there was nowhere else we could have possibly gone to find news about a game.

Is it possible UO Chat is biased? Possibly. Observe the following e-mail sent to us two weeks ago from our friend, Sion:

Normally I would e-mail this to Arcadian. However he has blocked all my in coming mail’s as “I am no friend of his” (I am hurt beyond repair and have had to under go hours of intensive counseling to over come this major set back). Thought you might like to know one of you old friends Terrorist of UO prostitute will be writing on as of yesterday, and has sworn to show you guys down there nothing but love.



Trolling for hits. Trolling for hits. I do not know why Arcadian blocked Sion. I imagine it is because Sion and friends are gimps.

The fact of the matter is this. The instant any story regarding Ultima Online hits, Sion immediately sends an e-mail. Why? I suspect so he can make accusations like the above. Regardless of the fact there are a billion other sources of UO News, Sion seems to think any article written about UO must have many gratuitous links to his page.

Another fact is that Arcadian has blocked Sion\’e2\’80\’99s mail, and the rest of us don\’e2\’80\’99t read it. Why? See above. The boy is a gimp.

However, let me repeat myself. Any and all Shadowbane news reported anywhere must include a link to Preferably with my name, Eldin, written in large, bold letters immediately following said link.

If not, you are plagiarists.

And I will tell my mommy on you.