Got this report in the mail from someone still playing EQ:

I was playing on Vallon Zek last night and died. My respawn point was in Misty Thicket and that zone was down at the time so I got booted out of the game. While waiting for the zone to come back up I thought I’d check out the tech support chat room to let someone know about the zone being down. Nobody was there, so I went to the Vallon Zek chat room thinking others with a similar plight would be there. Nothing. Since Xegony was right next to Vallon Zek I thought I’d check there just for the hell of it.

The room was full and there was a GM and a guide there. GM-Arandiel, I believe. It appeared to be some sort of forum and they were discussing game issues and other stuff and it was being moderated by the GM. It ended shortly but before the GM left, he said that the Xegony server was the only one holding these meetings for players and that there would be another one next week.

Lots of questions come to mind. Is this Verant sanctioned? If so, why only Xegony? If they were going to do something like this you would think they would do it for all the servers and not just one.

I’ve seen similar impromptu meetings before, including one attended by Brad McQuaid and John Smedley during the Woop-There-It-Went Tallon Zek fiasco. These are always held in the braindamaged EQ chat client which (convienently enough) has no logging features, so no one can ever record the firm, FIRM promises made to fix things.