All You Zombies: Shuffling Off Into The Sunset

In an announcement COMPLETLEY UNRELATED to the Blizzard forums exploding with pro- and anti-zombie related sentiment, Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan announces that the zombie plague is ending today.

While we recognize that the event could prove to be disruptive at times, we hope you made the most out of it while it lasted. Part of playing in a “living and breathing world” means that things are going to change from time to time. We meant no harm but only wanted to create a lasting impression on players as they head to Northrend to defeat the Lich King. The Lich King’s goals (as you will soon learn) are to turn the Horde and Alliance not only on one another, but on their own kind as well. I think the plague truly demonstrated this firsthand.

Have Kaplan and Blizzard learned anything about implementing world events from this? Let’s ask the Angry Eight Ball!

Well, there you go.