Amazingly, You Cannot Actually Make Millions From Tiny Classified Ads

Regarding the PE story I mentioned earlier, almost as earthshakingly, Terra Nova finally finds an RMT media story they didn’t like.

This is the kind of story that we love here at Terra Nova, since it involves nifty issues about virtual worlds, the social fiction of money, and all sorts of other interesting questions. But I don\’e2\’80\’99t love this story. I think it\’e2\’80\’99s basically bogus. In fact it\’e2\’80\’99s worse than that. This story has finally convinced me that MindArk is fantastic at generating public relations stories that credulous media sources pick up without questioning, but which, if investigated for even a moment, make you shake your head in wonder.

Bucky Carooe back in the glory days of had Mindark figured out years ago, but still, it’s nice to see some credulity from a site often sourced as the primary academic journal dealing with MMOs.