I caught a small amount of heat for the “bug-centric” nature of the past few posts.

Um, it was Patch Day. Generally that’s the time when instability enters the game; it’s also the time when the exploiters go absolutely mad trying to do what they do. And yes, when such things happen, I may try to point them out. And sometimes I may be wrong (as with the decay rumor I posted). I’m also hearing now that, at least on most shards, you aren’t able to unsecure your neighbor’s items.

Let’s get things straight. This isn’t a bug site. I don’t care if there’s some new way to jack up your stats to 9000, unless it in some way affects your game world. However, I also feel it would be irresponsible *not* to make public rumors I hear of dupes and breakins, if in so doing there is a way to protect yourself from them.

Unlike other sites, let me be perfectly clear – if you are a bug-exploiter, I am your enemy. I want you to have no victims. I will make sure that OSI knows how you do your tricks (although 9 times out of 10 when I send Runesabre or someone else at OSI a copy of a bug he’ll respond with “Oh, we already fixed that, where have you been?”). I will make sure that others can protect themselves so that you will have as few victims as possible.

Clear enough?

Speaking of bugs, the rumors about a Siege dupe continue, although at this point they’re still at a rumor stage (everything I’ve gotten so far has been “a friend of a friend told me…” type stuff). Some speculate that these are SuN-duped castle deeds just now sold and hitting the economy. Others swear that there is a new money dupe and people are using it. As always, if you want to unburden yourself about what you’ve heard about this, my mailbox is over there in that ugly blue box on the right. All information kept confidential.