Those of you EQ players who felt all smug and superior over the KoC/Tradespot fiasco can stop now. Here’s an excerpt from a posting over on EQVault.

While I have no evidence that what he says is true in this particular instance, every EQ player knows that item farming for EBay sales in EQ is a problem, and every EQ player knows that the powergaming 50th level asshole guilds are a problem on every server (I left Veeshan because I was sick and tired of them; at least on Lanys T’Whatever the powergamers are only 20th level). It isn’t much of a stretch to put two and two together…

You know, as I was inquiring about KEG to KEG members I never dreamed of hearing what I heard was going on in your guild. One of your members told me that KEG makes 5K (That’s 5 grand) a month selling items on Ebay or by other means. I confirmed it by asking a few KEG members about buying certain items and was informed that I could purchase them with VISA, Mastercard, or Discover 24/7. I did the best I could to choose a very difficult item to get to see how they would respond, and remarkably I was told that any item could be gotten for me by KEG. I was told that all major spawn areas could be camped on a moments notice by KEG and most were already being done so 24/7. Well since I had been to some of these areas myself I thought it couldn’t be true, but sure enough there were either KEG members there camping the same items day after day after day, or as I was told by an eccentric KEG member, “We have level 50 accounts without guildtags so that KEG still gets the items but people think it isn’t KEG camping them”. This is also true for the Nagafen raids. Tagless high-level characters from KEG take the loot and return it to KEG, totally deceiving the other players who are used on a daily basis to feed KEG’s monopoly and cash sale of EQ items to other players. I mean, since KEG is monoplozing spawn areas, then the only obvious solution to getting an item is to buy it. I think that Verant is on to them in this regard because my surveillance of Ebay has shown that auctions there have remarkably decreased recently (KEG auctioners). But for example, one Mithril 2H sword sold for $850.00!! And Haste Sash’s are selling for $500.00! So you can see there is an interest in not letting other players have a crack at those items simply because it breaks into KEG’s market. And this is done simply by camping 24/7 and harrassing, intimidating and isolating those players that object to what is going on.

Now it isn’t my opinion that characters shouldn’t be sold; I mean if an account is yours then by all means it is your intellectual property and that is between you and Verant. But to camp items day after day after day while not allowing other persons playing EQ the opportunity to do so is really troubling. If you disagree I would like to hear your explanation. But then again, in order to make 5 grand a month you guys must be camping all types of items. You have to admit that. And just the fact that your people openly brag about it on the servers is outrageous.

Then there is the really sad state of affairs by a growing (very quickly) list of individuals who dislike you. Many have said that your guild harasses them in the game when they protest some of the things I have mentioned above. That, in itself, is poor manners. Come to think of it I had (yet another) an encounter with an individual from KEG last night when I was zoning out of Sol B and attempted to exit the narrow corridor leaving the zone. The Troll that was standing there wouldn’t move and I asked him to move and he told me to say “please”. Then another KEG person said “That is Roebin. He is the player whose EQ world is getting smaller by the day.”

So I have to bring this up. Do you honestly believe that you control EQ? Are you out of your minds? Do you ask your guild members to harrass players in the game who slight you in even the smallest way? I am convinced that you do.

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