This is the kind of review of Velious I would do, if I were reviewing Velious, which I’m not. However, Mark Asher of Quarter to Three, who’s as permalowbie as I, did. Thus we have a review of Velious now from the “shouldn’t have been there” perspective.

If you go up the ranks honestly, getting to level 25 is not trivial. You will spend weeks if not months to get that far, so my being a weak girly man in Velious irritates me. I wish there was something I could fight besides a little bunny rabbit that would probably rip my throat out. It’s really a weakness of the Velious expansion that it only is aimed at level 30+ players. The box is a bit cagey about that too. Nowhere does it explicitly warn a potential buyer that the new lands are essentially unplayable if you don’t have a high level character. It mumbles something about dozens of level 35+ quests, but that’s it. Sony should have made that more explicit.

He does have a point. I just checked my elf-finally-out-of-bondage Velious box and sure enough, nowhere on it does it say “HEY LOWBIE! Don’t buy me if your highest level is laughed at by Emporer Crush!”. The only level limits referred to are, as Asher noted, a line on that back that says “Dozens of quests for levels 35+”.

But hey, you get TRANSLUCENT INVENTORY SCREENS! Surely that counts for something?