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Subject: Sorry

Point taken.

I guess I didn’t really consider what I did was griefing. I simply intended to have some fun with my allies, which several others of my allies were also doing. But given the light that that is the main mode of playing the game, i can see how it can be viewed as a grief, and very unprofessional. I sincerely apologize. I have removed the post, and I will personally post much less in the future on TP, and never again about the industry I work in.

Again, please do not think I was trashing Majestic. Indeed, I greatly

respect their ability to integrate so many technologies, and especially the new ideas of the game itself.

Please realize this has nothing to do with anyone or anything I work with. This is solely my responsibility and my own time, and I should be the one all mail bombs and hate letters should be directed to. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused to my fellow employees and company, especially GBob, our “front lines” guy. He will undoubtably catch a lot of flack for this, when it is my fault.


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