Thunderlips, proud homeowner on Siege, sends this:

Heres my OSI asshole of the week, GM Hargrim (maybe I have the spelling wrong).

Let me sum up. On Siege, I’m doing pretty well so I decided to buy rare items people have picked up. One guy sold me a collection of 10-12 items for like 8k, so I thought that was pretty cool. In his collection he had a Blue Metal Shield. Looks like just a metal shield, but blue (well, duh…). It looked cool though, but I wasn’t sure if it was rare, bugged or dyed or something.

Anyhow, I had no idea if this was rare, so I paged a GM. God that was that a mistake. First a counselor shows up, and doesn’t know so he brings a GM. In front of the moonglow bank and GM Hargrim show up, and tells me shield is one of a kind. I’m pretty stoked. He proceeds to interrogate me on where I got it. I tell him in a chest in Despise (where the one dude found it). He asks again, as if I’m lying. I say the same thing.

Now, the good part. He takes the shield from me, destroys it, and hand me a normal metal shield! I was just shocked. Everyone around me was “WTF!”. He said, “Sorry, boss told me to”. Please! Like Runesaber gives a rats ass about a blue shield! One guy said “Tell him to go fuck himself!”. The GM then grabbed that dude and they both disappeared. Its one thing reading about GM shit on your page, but its a whole diffrent story to see it first hand. I guess the moral of the story is, never ask for help. Period.